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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The Manchester Tragedy.

Tis now a week since the suicide bomber wrought havoc in Manchester. I have watched the new bulletins and seen the armed police on the films. It does seem to me to be a little like -- closing the door after the horse has bolted! What do all those weapons mean? The bloke that blew-up the place in Manchester actually got into the foyer. Although why he chose to blow himself up in the foyer and not in the main hall surprises me. When the terrorists erupted in the Bataclan club in Paris, they were, I know, armed with guns. But the Paris police did not go in to challenge them because they were not called until too late. And in any case, would they want to open fire in a hall crowded with children or adults? I notice that one of our MPs has called for the death sentence to be renewed against ??suicide bombers??. If they can find any pieces afterwards maybe they could hang, draw and quarter them! But of what use are those weapons against a bod who carries a bomb in a backpack? and how do they know he/she is a terrorist? Until it is too late! In my opinion, they should put the weapons away, along with all those NON-British cars they are so fond of whizzing around in, and get the old English/British copper back on the beat in the streets. I cannot remember the last time I saw a copper around where I live. They don't gather much intelligence inside a car. There are two TV programmes I watch occasionally, The Force, Manchester and The Force, Essex. Pathetic. And who do the police think they are these days?
The Interceptors, Motorway Cops, they all give me the impression that they are trained by ex-Stasi bods. Or ex-Gestapo members. And have you seen the size of some of the bellies on those cops? Not to mention the fact that a lot of them have not bothered to wash the fluff off their faces in the mornings. Some of them look like they want to be Ayatollahs. Gawd help us, but we really do need to get a grip on the police we have, or, maybe, more aptly, the Chief Constables. I get the impression that the Superintendent in the Frost series is happily ensconced on the indoors of our present day coppers offices.