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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Getting rooms in Trieste.

Last night I booked accommodation for myself and my son in Trieste, cost of which is £35,57 each per night. For this we get a small apartment. Double bedroom, bath and shower room, TV, kitchenette with cooker and fridge and washing up facilities, plus all the crockery and knives, forks, etc, and all this in Piazza Goldoni. Where the buses start from. 7 nights for £456.

Anybody interested should go to and ask for Residenze in Trieste. There are a lot of these places now in the town. Last year we stayed in one called Residenza Rossetti, which is opposite to the Rossetti Theatre, at the top end of the Viale. There is one down in the Piazza Cavanna, one in Via Fabio Filzi, and the charges are very good. You get a small apartment including generally a kitchenette where you can cook your own meals. So you are not constrained by hotel hours for meals especially breakfast.

You can also get the same list on

Re: Getting rooms in Trieste.

We normally use and when booking Gorizia noticed it was cheaper than the reserved rate!

Have gone with the reservation hoping it offers more!

Thanks for the Trieste info.