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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Bye folks. I'm off to North-Eastern Germany tomorrow midday for one week. So cheerio for now. Back on 14/6.

Re: Holiday

Just a reminder Larry Dont forget to send daily reports whilst you are away.

Re: Holiday

For Roy W. Your posting was timed for 2.17 pm. Our flight by BA from Manchester timed to take off at 1200 was still standing at Manchester airport. Apparently all flights were either grounded or diverted because of extremely high winds, heavy rain and poor visibility. And so were flight down in Heathrow!! But we did make it to Hamburg that night. As for daily reports, I took my tablet but could not get it to connect to the internet for two days. But we were far too busy en-famille to bother with the internet. Had a wonderful time though, thank you.