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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Sophia Loren.

Top of the page on the Il Piccolo web-site today is:

Sophia Loren will be the Matron of Honour for the cruise liner Msc Seaside on the 30th of November. For the event of the delivery of the largest cruise liner ever built in Italy, in programme for the Venezia Giulia region, Serracchiani, the governess, has reaffirmed the full agreement of the Region. The actress has participated at the presentation of every new ship of the company since the Msc Lirica, in 2003.

Re: Sophia Loren.

True gentlemen.......the eyes of the onlookers are fixed on the whatever Sophia is signing....... but the captain's hand is tightly clenched.

What have you been looking at?

Re: Sophia Loren.

Why Sophia?

Surely nothing to do with the size of the superstructure?

Re: Sophia Loren.

I would not sail on one of those if they paid me an annual sum weekly. Horrible sight to see looming out of the fog in the morning. NO, not even if Sophia was booked in my cabin!!
And her real name was Sciccolone!

Re: Sophia Loren.

but what if it was Cutty Sark Mayflower or even the Bounty Larry ? More your size perhaps ?

Re: Sophia Loren.

No thanks, Roy. I once had to go on a troopship from Southampton to Port Said and return from Port Said to Liverpool on another troopship. Spoilt me from going on board cruise liners!. Although I have sailed from Harwich to Hook of Holland e few times and Harwich to Hamburg by DFDS to visit relatives in Germanya couple of times. But No thanks, I don't really enjoy the sea although last year I did sail from Trieste to Sistiana a couple of times on a small tourist boat. I prefer to fly and believe I have flown over 1,500,000 miles so far if not more because as an Export Sales Manager
I flew all over the Persian Gulf, North and West Africa, and most European countries especially Italy to where I flew once a month for twelve years. Even flown in an Ilyushin aircraft from Tunis to Rome. And to Chicago from Milan by 747 and back to the UK by United. I've even flown First Class by Gulf Airlines from Cairo to Riyadh.
Just flown BA Manchester to Hamburg a couple of weeks ago and am booked to fly Ryanair Stansted to Trieste in September and have to also now book to fly Manchester to Eindhoven in November. Best flight I ever had was from Paris to Douala in the Camerouns with Cameroun Airlines on a 720. Only 7 of us on that flight so we had the time of our lives with the hostesses. And one of them even came to dinner with me that night in Douala. That was in November 1972.
It's all part of lifes great tapestry.