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Much ado about.......

N O T H I N G.

Re: Much ado about.......

....well.......nearly nothing.......certainly nothing earth-shattering..... I meant to put this on the "coffee" thread but this will do just as well.

What's the best way to make coffee?

I've tried the following: an espresso machine, the De Longhi recommended by "Which?", a "moccha pot" as used by Montalbano.... I had one just like his at first but they're made of aluminium and - to my taste at least - that taints the coffee. More recently I've used a stainless steel one and that is fine; it produces good strong coffee - almost as good as the espresso machine but in half the time and with half the fuss..... and a stainless caffetiere. I don't think it matters that it's steel rather than glass but it is and than is nearly as good as the moccha pot and it's even quicker and easier. You just have to give it a good stir when you put the water in - never boiling mind - just off the boil, then give it a few minutes to fester.

The other factor is the coffee.

Lavazza - in the black packet - for the espresso and moccha pot and good but coarser ground one for the caffetiere. I get that from Booths or from the roastery we go to where there they roast coffee from many parts of the world and grind them as instructed.

(I have tried Illy and have nothing against it but the tins are too big. I like to put clip on the packet and then put it in an air-proof container. Fussy...... ? Who? Me?

Re: Much ado about.......

Lavazza 'Crema e Gusto' is our preferred mix here at No 44. My son has purchased a coffee making machine with the makers name on the front - Jack Stonehouse - which makes a decent espresso except son does not make it hot enough for me. I have a cup of espresso each afternoon. We have all the usual coffee making pots but I still prefer the small caffettiere where you put the water in the bottom, the coffee in the middle and boil it on the hob. I've just found a tin of Lavazza Prontissimo Premium Instant Coffee in the kitchen which says on the tin that it contains 20% microground beans. I'll have to try that one day. We did try some Kenyan ground coffee but twas not roasted enough. But I guess it's a matter of personal taste. Some English people say they can't drink espresso. When I was travelling in Italy years ago, staying in hotel after hotel when I went back to the hotel after dinner I generally used to ask the baran if the coffee machine was still working and order a double espresso before going to bed. They all thought I was nuts and said I would not be able to sleep. In fact, I slept better than a baby. (Well, from experience I know babies always wake up once or twice during the night). I always had to explain that it was the caffeine in the espresso coffee which soothed the nerves and help one to go to sleep. Why so? Well if you have headache or toothache you take a dose of caffeine to cool it down, so the same thing applies to help one get to sleep.
Actually, a lot of Italians make their coffee in a saucepan in the morning and keep it hot on the hob for most of the day, taking a cup whenever they feel like it. A lot Americans do the same thing although in films one sees them using a percolator.
And don't forget that Illy and LAVAZZA may soon be merging - so the rumour has it.
I wonder if they will call it Lilli Caffe`?? They could call it Lavalilli. Well there is a flower called a Lavaterra!!