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The Guardian and Prosecco.

Apparently the Guardian (a reputed to be newspaper) published an article the other day warning the female population of GB to beware of how much of the sparkling wine Prosecco they drink. It seems that the bubbles in the wine can cause the teeth to rot if they drink too much.
If you take a look at the website of Il Piccolo today there is a small reply from Deborah Serrachiani to the effect: "No it dont! It's marvellous" and there is a long article on the video pages making out that this stuff is the bees knees. She also goes on to say that this years harvest will produce even better Prosecco than last year.

And talking of bees. The tremendous hot weather they have had in Italy this summer has played havoc with the bees. There have not been enough flowers or the flowers have wilted in the heat so the bees have not been able to absorb enough pollen to carry back to the hives. And there is nothing that the bee keepers can do about it so they expect a lot of bees to die off this winter. I know a person who keeps a lot of bees who has also a restuarant on the side of the Lago Varese. He generally takes his bees up into the hills where there are a lot of sweet and horse chestnut trees to feed
and the honey he produces is vairy tastey, vairy sweet. I've brought a few jars of his honey back with me from my days as an export manager when I used to call on the brewery a short distance away. And even that brewery got took over by Carlsberg.

Re: The Guardian and Prosecco.

After that article by Debora Serrachiani - Governess of the Fvg - I sent her an e-mail trying to explain the difference twixt drinkers in the UK and those in Italy. There the people go out to enjoy themselves with a nice dinner followed by a few drinks. Yes, there are odd weekends when the youth that has been to the night clubs does imbibe a trifle more than usual, but you hardly ever see the same sort of scene in the city centres in Italy that you see in England. What you do get are very bad traffic accidents on the country roads. I did not get a reply.

Then to make matters worse, the Daily Mail published a couple of days later an article much to the same effect as that of the Guardian. I sent another e-mail to Debora explaining a little more about the mentality of drinkers in England. So far no reply.