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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Tom Carew, Patricia Highsmith ......and Snails

Tom Carew, the OC of TSO, and Patricia Highsmith were said to be "dining companions" in Trieste. A few years ago, I made the effort of reading (skimming through) several of her books to see if there could be any link between his very adventurous and dangerous career with SOE and the plot of any of her novels. As I said in my review of "Dadland", Her hero Mr Ripley was enigmatic and unconventional but there was no obvious link.

This morning, however, an item on my car radio mentioned Patricia Highsmith and Mr Ripley but went on to claim that she had an obsession with snails. She was in the habit of smuggling them into France, concealed in her underwear. She would take a handbag full of snails and let them loose on the table.

If she was equally bizarre in her habits in Trieste, the mind can only boggle.