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Have a glass of mineral water.

An extract from the pages of the Il Piccolo website of today 11 Septmber 2017.

THE ENORMOUS BUSINESS OF MINERAL WATER: It costs the producer €2 for 1000 litres. Which it then pollutes by putting it in plastic bottles and it is less secure than that which one can get from the kitchen water-tap.

But a solution may be in view. It's called Ooho, an expression of wonder. In effect, it could become the next consumer product in vogue. In reality, it is only water but in a mono-portion, contained in a sphere of about 1.5cm in diameter. But the novelty does not consist only in the dimensions. It is, in fact, covered by a transparent film realised with a polimer based on algae, eatable and recyclable. An idea thought up by three Londoners, who have collected £848,850 pounds sterling, using a crowdfunding platform to help with the production and launch costs and it will be on sale in six months. In this way Skipping Roks Lab, the company which produces it, hopes to contribute towards freeing the world of the billions of bottles of plastic which every year reach the oceans, creating with other discarded items of plastic, islands such as the Pacific Trash Vortex, a gigantic mass that has an area equal to that of the United States. They hope also to put a brake on the emission of 300 million Kg of CO2, caused by the production of plastic materials.