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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Il Piccolo web-site on fire.

Wowee, but there is some news tonight on the page of Il Piccolo's web-site.
Where to start? Well, let's go the Balkans, where trouble always seems to be lurking.

The Gulf of Pirano. Nerves are close to breaking point between Zagreb and Lubiana.
Lubiana puts its Armed Forces on alert. Seems to have been a few gaffes on the Piranese Gulf. A parliamentary commission has been called to discuss the "readiness of the Armed Forces" in the case of a conflict with Zagreb. The reply of the Prime Minster of Croatia Cerar - "An inconvenient move".
Croatia continues to not take any account of what was established by the Court of Arbitration of The Hague on the maritime and terrestrial confines between the two countries. So keep your eyes on the area around Trieste in the next few days.

The European Commission lays down the law with Italy - "You cannot impede the cultivation of Organically Modified products". European Court of Justice (and we've all heard of that - Larry) rules with a rod of iron against Italy on Organically Modified Products starting with the case "Made in Friuli Venezia Giulia". However, the Italian cultivators as well as the Government and the Fvg Region assure that the cultivation of these organically modified plants is forbidden and will remain so. It appears that a farmer by name of Giorgio Fidenato, planted in 2014 corn of the type MON810, and has been prosecuted for having violated a ministerial decree which forbids the cultivation of these crops. However, the Judges of the European Court of Justice say that Italy cannot do this unless they can prove that the plants are a danger to health. Italy comes back with the news that their decree was approved by the European commission some time ago.

Whatever next?
One further small article from the website says:
The "Vegan Egg" has been born thanks to a studentess from Udine. Apparently four female students from the University of Udine, after a year and a half of experiments and work, have brought to the world the 'hard-boiled Vegan egg'. It has the same appearance, the same organoletic characteristics and the same taste of a normal boiled egg from a fowl, but it is made up only of natural and vegetal ingredients and also proteins. However, it cannot be boiled and you do not have to take it out of a shell, because up until now they have not been able to create a hard shell. But it can be sliced and used in salads or however else you wish to eat it.