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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Winter draw(er)s on.

Up by Tarvisio, where some of my in-laws live and which I visit very frequently, there is a mountain called Monte Lussari, which hosts an enchanting village and refuge. Absolutely beautiful. On the Il Piccolo web-site today there is a picture with the following comment:
A very heavy snowfall has happened this morning on the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia. On the coast instead, they have registered very strong gusts of the Bora in particular on the capital of the region. That's in Trieste.
Also on the web-site it shows the temperature at 2100 hours tonight of 19 degrees with very heavy rainstorms and thunder over the city.

Re: Winter draw(er)s on.

Hi Larry
I was up in Gorizia for the weekend and early Saturday morning we had thunderstorms and torrential rain. Most of the photos from the celebrations show us all wearing waterproofs!
Sunday in Cormons did give us sunshine for the afternoon. Monday we left to travel to Pescara in Abruzzo to stay with the family. I can concur that it was incredibly windy although I did not see any snow on the mountains other than when we were coming through the Brenner Pass.
Here in Abruzzo it has rained all morning and is so cold we are wearing jumpers and the family have got the winter duvets out. We were hoping for some time on the beach whilst the grandchildren are at school but that is not looking very hopeful. A repeat of last September.

Re: Winter draw(er)s on.

Paula, the only memories of Pescara that I have are of boiling hot weather but if you go down the coast a small way you come to Senigallia where my wife and I enjoyed a nice long weekend. Some of the finest golden beaches in Italy along that coast. But just before that there is another small town I can't recall the name of but my wife and I enjoyed a couple of very nice nights in a night club there and I Pooh were the resident group. Is that place called Homs? Can't remember. And that is a very few years ago. Must have been about 1969/70. We did a nice long trip, taking in Urbino and the old roman palaces, then across to Rome and the Vatican city. One of my wife's cousins ran a B&B in Rome (in Viale Gorizia I seem to remember) at the bottom of the Via Nazionale just up from the Wedding Cake monument.