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Greetings & More Tales from Wales - Chapter 16

Good morning and welcome to Chapter 16 of this endless saga. The morning is not too bad here at the moment. The temperature out in the garden is 15c and it seems to be a drizzly sort of start. Never mind, it will be Christmas very soon according to a lot of the adverts in the various newspapers. I felt quite perky and satisfied with life until I switched on Harry’s latest Welcome photograph of some strange being doing back flips, or some such acrobatic manoeuvre – I never was too enthralled with that sort of stuff, even in my long-gone youth.

We have had two exciting happenings here this week – there was our flu’ jabs on Monday, and on the Thursday we went to a McMillan coffee morning just down the road where we bought some raffle tickets, drank some coffee and chatted as one does at these happenings. At 7pm. came a knock on the door and I was presented with a bottle of Johnny Walker Whiskey and a pack of Christmas cards, which I was informed were my winnings in the raffles! Very nice, though I don’t drink whiskey, but the Christmas cards will be handy very soon. If the Johnny Walker doesn’t find a good home soon it will probably end up in Sylvia’s chutney – waste not, want not! It should be carved over the mantle in the lounge.

With the constantly changing weather patterns life in the garden has been erratic, though Sylvia is out there most days clearing up all the redundant flower growth, and generally tidying up the plantation. The chappy who comes in to deal with the heavy stuff did his ‘thing’ a couple of weeks ago so the boundary hedges look very presentable. The main problem is getting rid of the waste stuff that we are digging up. The council collect our garden waste via a ‘green’ wheelie bin every other week, but as soon as the bin has been emptied my good lady has filled it up again. I have tried to persuade her we could do with another green bin, but to no avail! A touchy breed these gardeners.

I am still trotting out twice a week to my ‘occupational therapy’ groups. The one covering the management of back (and other) pains is an evening event, and is mainly a round table discussion do. I find them very interesting and generally light hearted with a group of about ten people who all get on well. Nothing very strenuous takes place, which is just as well as we meet in the local library. The other group is to help those of us who suffer from loss of balance, and is far more serious and consists of an hour of various exercises in a large hall in the sports centre. Please refer to my thoughts on such things in the opening paragraph!

Well, there you have it folks and it is now time I got on with the Sunday routine of getting myself turned into a respectable member of the local Methodist Chapel. We are having a double ended service this morning with Harvest Festival and Holy Communion, and our new Minister is taking it. She is finding it difficult to settle down at the moment as the arrangements for the new Manse seem to be running very slowly and she has been moved around from one place to another until the manse is ready. She seems to be a cheerful person, and is putting up with all the messing about.

Take care if the weather is bad down your way – it looks as if most of the country is going to have their share of the gales and rainstorms that are on their way. Cheerio.

Re: Greetings & More Tales from Wales - Chapter 16

Good morning all - I have a strong feeling that I am not yet fully awake this morning despite having woken up at around the 4am mark. Never mind it will all work itself out by bedtime no doubt! The actual morning itself seems to be quite a reasonable one, not one of your nice summer morns of course, but for an early October one we cannot complain. A quick check on the BBC weather chart shows we are due for rain by mid-day or just after, by which time we should be on our way home from chapel and Sunday lunch not far away.

There is not a lot to report on for the week. Last Sunday’s Harvest Festival went off rather well with our new Minister in charge – the church was very nicely decorated with a mixture of flowers and vegetable, plus the odd tinned goods etc. Personally, I was disappointed with the choice of hymns, they were all from the ‘modern’ hymn book and more suited to a children’s service with arm waving etc! Yes, I know, I am a fuddy duddy in that respect but as we had four or five children in the congregation they were only 2 or 3 years old and were running free doing their own ‘thing’ which did not include hymn singing – though they had discovered a couple of recorders in the ‘Sunday School Box’ and were quite happy to play at trains!

Monday our evening meeting in the town library on Back Pain etc was cancelled at the last minute, a pity as I do enjoy that group as I have said before. Still it is back on again this coming Monday, and in the morning the Balance group at the sports centre on the promenade is on again too. So that’s Monday booked up just about.

Sylvia is still digging and delving out in the garden any time the weather is reasonable, and she is certainly clearing the place nicely. She came across some old photographs of the garden when it was nearly all just lawns, and one rather small vegetable bed – that goes back to the ‘good old days’ when we first moved into the bungalow and I was still at sea and had not dug the lawns up for vegetable growing!

The sun has just risen enough to let it peer over the hillside at the bottom of the garden so it should clear off the remains of the mist that has been hanging about, and perhaps brighten up the day for us. The temperature out there is 13c which isn’t too bad I suppose.

It also reminds me that I had better get my skates on and get cracking preparing myself for chapel. Have a good week and keep warm! Cheerio.

PS: My luckjy day as I have hasd no arguments with the built in spell checker, it is the US version for some reason which I don't understand!