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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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TRAM - why is it US so often?

Is there some reason that the service is discontinued so often? This time it's to be "for an indeterminate period". (Photo etc from Il Piccolo)

Re: TRAM - why is it US so often?

Harry. When we were there last week we were told the trams would not run until the spring.

Re: TRAM - why is it US so often?

It is probably because it is now over one hundred years old the railway and, as per the usual slackness within the Trieste labour movement, nothing important really gets done to improve the track. And I can also recall an era when they had new modern carriages running on the track and, of course, once it also ran as far as the Central Station but the advent of the motor car put paid to that. Another factor in the always recurrng 'accidents', is that the drivers are now mainly younger than they used to be and we all know what 'young' drivers like to do. Unfortunately, on a track over 100 years old, you cannot put your foot down on the accelerator pedal.