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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The south Stafford in Trieste in 1952 ?

Can any one tell me if they saw the the members of the south staffs Regiment in Trieste in 1952.

Re: The south Stafford in Trieste in 1952 ?

Greetings to those who served in Trieste. I was the ration Cpl under Bill Eardley (QM). I was rather deep into members of the regiment and knew all,from serving rations, including families but have no knowledge of any South Staffords in Trieste - presume it may have been a visiting bunch from
perhaps, their station in Germany ??? For ex members, who perhaps recall me,
I am now serving with the Chelsea Pensioners - if you are visiting London anytime and feel like meeting - please let me know - by e-mail - and we could
possibly meet up for a few hours.............Les

Re: The south Stafford in Trieste in 1952 ?

Les. The Southstaffs football team came from Germany to play the Trieste police team. My brother was with them and when Sargent major Walker found out he arranged for me to spend the week with them.The sand pitch is still at the Police HQ but they are storing caravans on it.I have a photograph of my brother and my self on the sea front at Lazzaretto.

Re: The south Stafford in Trieste in 1952 ?

Roland. Many thanks for your info - it seems to have resolved the query. CSM Jack Walker, brings many memories back!.......Les