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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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"Commando Raid"

One day we had a surprise visitor to our remote cottage in the highlands - a marines officer; he had come to warn us that our night might be disturbed by the landing of a large helicopter nearby at the head of the bay. A number of men would land and would then make off into the hills.

There might also be a sea-borne landing.

I took this photo the following day of the helicopter doing a dummy run. The actual "raid" took place soon after dark. It was cold and damp and we felt sorry for the lads. The helicopter was very noisy; it could never have been clandestine.

Re: "Commando Raid"

Harry. That brings back memory's of a holiday in France we were sitting on the sea front having our evening meal .when two very large landing craft came roaring up the beach dropped the the ramp out poured men and light vehicles their must have been at least a thousands troops pouring up the narrow streets. They disappeared in about the time it took me to drink a class of wine.