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Mulberry Trees

There is a strange posting on the Il Piccolo website today.
There is a street in Trieste called Via dell'Eremo and along this street in one part are planted some trees. The posting on the website shows a photo of a hand holding a very large ??berry??. I have done some research on the web about Mulberry Trees and apparently they do produce berries of all kinds of colours. The article on the website of Il Piccolo says these "berries" are called in Italian "Mori degli Osagi".
I can't find any mention of this variety on Google or Wikipedia, nor in my dictionaries. However, the picture accompanying the article shows a hand holding one of the berries which is extremely large and the accompanying article says that the inhabitants of Via dell'Eremo are complaining that these 'fruits' which weigh up to 1 kilo are falling onto their parked cars and causing damage. Apparently, the Queen is a fan of these trees and has a few planted in her grounds and likes the berries with her food.

Re: Mulberry Trees

Apparently the tree originated in North America and was introduced into Italy to form dense hedges. Fruits can be large(6-15 Centimetres), green and wrinkled. The "osagi"bit refers to the Osagi "Indians" who used the wood of the tree to make their bows.

I'm puzzled about the green colour. Mulberries that I've seen are dark red; the juice stains your fingers - and clothes if you're not careful. The way to get the stain out is to rub it with the unripe (still green) fruit.

("Wrinkly" - somewhere I think I've read about at tree called the "scrotum tree" because it bears fruit like this.)

Re: Mulberry Trees

The trees in Trieste seem to be a very different variety from ours in England, which as Harry says produce dark red berries like rather large loganberries. Many were originally planted as the leaves are the best food for silk-worms when there was a large amount of silk produced in this country

Re: Mulberry Trees

I cannot recall ever having seen a mulberry tree. Although very knowledgeable about Via dell'Eremo in Trieste, I can't say I ever noticed the trees. That street played a very important part in my courting days in the city!! and I had more important and pressing thoughts in my mind that trees!