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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Misc. Twaddle

1. Time - I can claim that I actually did read "A Brief History of Time". (It's said to be the most unread book of all ....) It was some years ago and I can't be expected to give the even the gist of it now but I think Spike Milligan had the sense of it when he said, "Everybody's got to be somewhere," a saying I've sometimes used when jostled in busy places.

I have a stone wall at the bottom of the garden; it's old and used to be round a rather grand house. We ere once told that the bridge in Richmond , Tasmania is the oldest in Australia; I was able to say that the wall at the bottom of my garden is even older - but I digress; I sometimes wonder if the actual space I'm occupying was once occupied by someone many years ago. It's time that governs the use of space.

2. Whisky - we all know that we can't rely on advertising or PR when we're buying something; what you're after is information but what you're getting is deception. So when I was listening to a chap at the rugby club saying that a group of "experts" had held a blind tasting of a number of malt whiskies and had produced a list of the top 12, I wondered how unbiased and disinterested the "experts" had been. Anyhow they placed "Glen Marnoch" top. It's Aldi's own brand and costs £17.50. So, purely in the interests of dispassionate appraisal, I got a bottle this morning. ("Marnoch's" being and anagram of "moarch" mad me wonder even more.)

I can safely and dispassionately say, "It's nice."

Re: Misc. Twaddle

"Time" came to my mind when I read Dave's mention pf putting the clocks back. I was tempted to try to remember how to alter the time on the message board so that my reply would come before the original post. - but I couldn't remember -it's a bit fiddly - so I left it. Conscience later stirred me to put it right. Why don't I write it down? It happens twice a year.