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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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PHOTO: Just For a Change.....

Il Piccolo has items about the tram and lots of details of old folks being injured in accidents and, as the poet says in "The Lion and Albert" - "nowt to laugh at at all" so I've been searching for an alternative. Here it is.

The photo shows two of our committee members. No prizes for identifying them

Re: PHOTO: Just For a Change.....

Same two:

Re: PHOTO: Just For a Change.....

Harry, can you please identify the 6 smartly dressed off duty soldiers. Hope you can remember the names of the other four !

Re: PHOTO: Just For a Change.....

Who are they Harry

Re: PHOTO: Just For a Change.....

Of course I can remember, Roy. How could I forget the names of my comrades in those dangerous times? It was hell out there I tell you; day after day we stood shoulder to shoulder faced with the ever-present perils of over-eating or drinking - and once, I suffered from a sprained ankle during a week-end's skiing - modesty forbids that I should boast about my bravery.

Anyhow, lest I digress, our fellow heroes were, from left to right, Tony Hill, Geoff Symmonds, Dave Caswell and Ken Haig.

Hill and Cockroft again – here they are venturing very close to the frontier with Yugoslavia.

Here Cockroft and Dixon, engaged on mission to Opatje, seemingly seeking sun, sea-bathing, eating, drinking.

Re: PHOTO: Just For a Change.....

Dave Caswell was the only one,to my knowledge, who fell for the temptation to do another year. Perhaps this photo might offer a clue why:

He was in Port Section which was housed in one of the prestigious houses in Via San Nicolo and Dave lived there. Port Section had the onerous task of "entertaining" visiting officers from British merchant ships visiting Trieste, briefing them and debriefing them on their return. Reports were usually gripping stuff, full of exciting information about such matters as wharfage and cranage in Black Sea ports.