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Rejoice............ so they say

I received the following by email from Bravenet last week:

New Message Forum Coming Next Week

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing a whole new version of the Message Forum next week. There is nothing you need to do now. Your Forum will switch to the new version next week and you will receive an email that it has been switched

There are now 3 layouts to choose from. We have added a NEW Discussion Style layout, while still providing the ability to choose the Board layout or the Threaded layout.

"New Bravenet Message Forum

Oh! You will love the new Style Editor, allowing you to customize your Forum with ease. And the new Forum is mobile-friendly too - fully responsive in any device.

This upgrade will not affect any of your data or existing posts. Everything will be there, you may just need to do some tweaks to colors and fonts when we go live, as there are some new options. If you have any questions or, after launch, you experience any issues, we are here for you."

I shall make no comment but should be very glad of any reactions.

Re: Rejoice............ so they say

Sorry people; this is not of my doing. The title picture ( Larry's friend's seat of the Molo Audace) has vanished. We have those big coloured squares - i tried switching to a "Board Style", which is what we've had for the last z years, and found it was impossible to reply or add to anything. Anyhow, I've switched back; that's why we've got those great big horrible squares again.

The "exciting new" set-up means that I cannot see how to raise a question ao I'll leave it for now, watch Mastermind and Only connect and (perhaps) I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.