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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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New format.

Sorry Harry, but I do NOT like the new layout at all, at all.

Re: New format.

My first thoughts are also that I prefer the old design. I like to have the photo at the top as a changing reminder of what has or is going on in Trieste.

Perhaps we need time to get used to it and be dragged into a modern style.

Re: New format.

Thank you Paula and Larry for your comments.

I have the impression that, whenever a tech company has a change of staff, the inomers feel the need to alter things to seek to make their mark without regard for considering whether what's new amounts to a real improvement.

You'll see that the photo of the seat on the Molo Audace is back - and I'd like to think I can change it as required but it's there now only because I begged for help; I'm not sure if I can do it off my own bat. I shall try.

BUT I don't think anyone can claim that those bloody big horrible black blobs are attractive - or useful.

Re: New format.

I have tried again but.......

Re: New format.

Managed to get rid of those big coloured squares........

If you want 'em back - tough.

Re: New format.

After all the "excitement" it all seems to be fairly manageable, although some things are more roundabout than before, with little or no gain.

You may have noticed that we have broad blue stripes - and you may have noticed that these were, for a short time, pink. Curb not your enthusiasm; I can change the colours!!

Sensible - or silly - suggestions would be welcome.