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Charities. and Water in Africa.

For a couple of years now there has been an advert on the television for contributions towards a charity to help provide water in various parts of Africa. It shows a small child walking to a water hole to collect water in a type of jerrycan and walking back to her home. Why? If there is a water hole, even with unpure water, surely the villagers could have moved nearer to the water hole? Also, surely there should be a government in that country which benefits from our Foreign Aid programme? I was under the impression that the Civil Servants in our country overlooked the donations to the countries in Afrca to ensure that our money went on worthwhile projects. Have they not seen this advertisement? Where is all the money being contributed by UK residents like myself going? Over two years I am sure enough must have, by now, been contributed to provide clean water for the people in that poor child's village! I now refuse to contribute any more money to charities in Africa. We see videos from that country showing the cities with teeming crowds of people and large cars speeding in all directions. I feel that we are being taken for fools by the organisers of these charities and that our contributions are only going to keep the organisers well paid and housed. So no more contributions from yours truly.
I have sent this message to the Daily Mail and The Sun letters sections. I wonder if they will take any notice?
What do our 'silent majority' feel about this subject?

Re: Charities. and Water in Africa.

Larry. Years ago my wife and I were deciding what charities to support.It was decided to support Oxfam but before We sent a donation I looked at their accounts to find that only four old pence in the pound was passed on to to the intended people.On this basis we decided to support the local blind charity. I only give to any organisation when I know the money will go direct to them and not to a company collecting on their behalf I expect to receive at least twenty begging letters this year it could be more as l have received ten already in the last week.No I am not a tight fisted old man .I pay my taxes to the government let them support all these Charities.