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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The Fiera San Nicolo is to be held until 8th December........where?


Well, that photo was obviously taken in the Viale, just a few yards up from Ricciardis Gelateria (ice-cream boutique). And, it is fairly obvious that the stall is from Puglia in South-East Italy. Normally. the Fiera San Nicolo is held in the Viale XX Settembre. I used to love this Festa. There was usually one or two stalls with Torrone from Torino. (For the uneducated amongst you that is Nougat from Turin, which has to be the tastiest in the world). It has been held, I believe, twice in the Piazza Ponte Rosso in the past. But I don't understand why this year the festa closes on 8 December. San Nicolo in Trieste is on the 12th of December. It varies in different cities as to the date for celebrating San Nicolo. And Nothing to do with Christmas. However, the kids love it because they get presents for San Nicolo, presents for Natale (Christmas) and presents for la Befana(the Epiphany) in January. (See what you can get for being a member of the Catholic faith!!)