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Why can't they stop mucking about.........

..........with things - techie folk, I mean? Now it's Microsoft people and Windows. The last "update" seemed to last only a matter of weeks; then the latest batch of "reforms".

Perhaps I'm the only one whose Bookmarks (Favourites) look different and behave oddly. All those that I used to click on every time disappeared. If you bookmarked something, it came in at the bottom and you could shuffle up to where-ever you wanted it.

In the entire scheme of things, it's a minor matter- and I resist strongly any idea that I'm becoming a grumpy old man but someone should whisper to the new recruits at these companies that change is not necessarily a good thing, unless it produces a real benefit.

Another thing - why can't Windows leave my icons alone? Every time I switch on they've been shuffled about.