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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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How did your Holidays pan-out?

I spent Christmas day with my daughter and my son at her house. Dinner and a natter. Then we visited my grandson and his wife and son and had another natter and distributed presents. On Boxing day, her other son came over with his two daughters and we spent the afternoon with them distributing more presents. Sons, daughters, grandsons and greatgrand children.
I had an e-mail from a lady friend who is at present in News Zealand on holiday wishing us all a Merry Christmas. She told me she had been out hunting and had shot a goat. What a way to celebrate Christmas. She is from Holland and I meet her every time we go over in November for the annual celebration of the liberation. She is a teacher in a secondary school. I have just hung up after having been talking for about 30 minutes to a friend of mine in Trieste on Skype and he tells me it is pouring cats and dogs there although the temperature is about + 10 degrees C. The Governer of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Madam Serracchiani, was due to visit a place called Sappada today but after having travelled about 20 miles she had to turn back. The roads were impassable due to a very hefty snowfall over the past 24 hours. In Trieste they celebrated the Feast of San Stefano with an undersea mass as usual with the people who like to go sub-acqua swimming. This has now become a tradition in the city and this year they had, I believe, underwater cameras to transmit the Mass to the people on the quayside.
I've booked lunch for Saturday with my son and daughter at the Bella Italia restuarant in Parrs Wood, Didsbury. That's where they serve even Calamari for breakfast! Have fun folks, and let me wish all of you who tune in to this web-site, a very happy end to 2017 and an even happier New Year 2018. Lang may yer lumbs reek. And don't forget to sing For Auld Lang Syne. As one of my traditions I will be phoning my friends in Bologna at 2300 hours to wish them also a very merry and happy New Year. Then out into the garden to fire off a couple or more of some rockets to welcome in the baby year.

Re: How did your Holidays pan-out?

You certainly had a busy time, Larry.
We have had our son, who lives in Ireland, staying with us and on Christmas day we went to my daughter's. It was all very pleasant.

I remember Sappada well; it was the first place we went skiing and it was memorable because it all seemed so difficult. We had borrowed army skis and they were those long, thin narrow things that the Nordics used for cross-country skiing. It all went much better when we hired the proper things and went to Ravascletto where the slopes were steeper and the snow more compact.

I'm glad your fireworks will be far enough away on New Year's Eve but do have a good time.

All the best.

PS I've had an "interesting" time moving into a new computer and printer. Could do without the hassle but .........