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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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CHANGE can be ........... ..................

as good as a rest - or it can be a the a...

I'm writing this on my new keyboard which came with my new computer. You have all got "devices", as we see these wondrous objects described, so you will know that there are tedious and fiddly things to get through before the device is properly house-trained. I agonised over the decision for weeks before the matter was taken out of my hands; first my good old printer - wonderful piece of magic and faithful over many years - spat its dummy out, placing an alarming, red symbol on the screen saying "Don't try this again" or something like that. The sound card had died on the main device and other things seemed to be going aglay.

"Luckily" I remembered that the last time I went through the ordeal everything was simplified by my "automatic back-up" device which let met set up the new machine almost painlessly. When I checked, the latest "automatic back-up" I found was dated 2014.

Really luckily I had a external hard drive which did work.

Also luckily my younger son was visiting over Christmas so he could act as driver and porter and the device favoured by "Which?" was heavily discounted. It is very quick and quiet - and seems to be well behaved. You may know that I'm a fossil and stuck in my ways so it's a "desk top".

The new printer is just as magical as the last.