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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Suspicious mind

I noticed a small entry on the Il Piccolo website tonight which started this suspicious mind of mine working. The article under mention stated that thousands of Italians are leaving Italy and going to Albania. |Now why would all those Italians go over to Albania, which is, according to some comments in the papers, a 'basket economic case' with next to no industries. And why are most of the illegal immigrants caught getting into England apparently Albanian. It can't be, surely, that the Italians are learning Albanian and stowing away on trucks to get to our shores. It is, apparently, easier to stow away on trucks in Albania and take the long route through Romania and Hungary, than get a truck in Italy where the inspection of trucks by the Italian customs and police is much more thorough than in Albania, etc. Once here they abandon the Albanian disguise and get work in all the Italian restaurants. We are so used to Italians in our restuarants we don't bother with them much. I know our Border Police do regular checks on Chinese and other types of restuarants, but do they bother with the Italians?