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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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How stupid nas d'ntage made me.Thankyou Harry for tactfully pointing out my folly.Of course the whole 33 photos were there.I just coul'nt see them.


Roy, translation please! What on earth is nas d'ntage mean? You've probably ruined my nights sleep with that. My brain will have picked it up and put it in the spam folder and will be picking away at it all night.


I'm in the fortunate position that lets me go back and edit out my mistakes. I put them down to "finger trouble" but it's usually the case that I've had my finger up my arse rather than having simply made a "typo". I recently had to ask the good folks of Bravenet how to get to the image manager and it was pointed out that all I needed to do was click on "Image Manager" - and it was.

It's best to accept things as they are; I'm sure we all wonder sometimes whether ............


No need to worry, Harry. It's called "senile dementia" and it affects quite a lot of the old folks. I too, have a feeling of - now what did I mean to type there?