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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Riobello Italian Restaurant

Having just received the journal in the post and reading about the restaurant for the gala dinner at the AGM weekend I was amazed to see Channel 5 had a programme last night showing Alex Polizzi and brother-in-law perform a makeover on the said restaurant. It seems to be that last summer’s makeover was just in time for us!

Not too long to wait to try it out.

Re: Riobello Italian Restaurant

When my son and I visited and had a dinner there in October, the restuarant was one long room from the street with a small alcove on the left at the top and then a bar. The kitchen was behind the bar. That night there was a hen party seated on a long table on the left in the long room but there were other tables on the right hand side. So plenty of room. And there were no complaints about the food or the drinks.