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Is the betting fraternity aware thatSIX more horses died at cheltenham last week?And do they care?Or do they regard the jockeys broken leg as more important?Comments please.

Re: Cheltenham

Roy. You are waisting your time trying to shame the people that gamble. Gambling and horse racing in particular are very big business and all the people who make the disions from the Queen down will never let it change. I agree with you punters think more of the jockey than the horses.Regards Roland

Re: Cheltenham

The organisers seem guarded about this. There was a recent occasion when the race was diverted to miss out a fence because a horse had been injured. The area was screened off so that nothing would be seen on television. There's also a question whether horses need to be "put down" whether it's a veterinary necessity or a matter of profitability.

I'm even more concerned when human being are treated like dispensable commodities. I love rugby but I found it difficult to identify with the grotesque, pumped-up, steroid-fuelled beings who comprise the modern professional teams. There is a problem in the game, not only because head injuries can lead to serious brain damage but that "big hits" can cause the same damage even when there is no contact with the head.