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Grumpy Old Men

Let me say straight away, “I am not a G.O.M.” It's true I'm pretty ancient I do sometimes find that I don't approve of one or two things, but there's always a reason for that

I put a lot of it down to change, the modern tendency to alter things which are already OK. That reminds me; I don't like Americanisms, especially when they obscure useful things such as the difference between a noun and a verb. You hear news readers saying PROtests when they mean proTESTS; it's the same with impORT when it gets read as IMport.

Easter eggs; that's another thing. Why, if you want to buy somebody an Easter egg, does it have to be in a box which houses an awful lot of empty space? You wanted to buy chocolate but you're largely buying cardboard, cellophane and fresh air.

One of our most precious commodities is information - news; we depend on its being right if democracy is going to work. What has gone wrong? Is it that many people get their “information” from “social media” instead of from newspapers? I have to confess that we stopped buying paper newspapers over a year ago and now we read newspapers on-line but we take every possible precaution that nothing has been warped by Cambridge Analytica. Will papers survive? I don't know; it's a worry. I still contribute to the paper of my choice - and I don't need a television licence.

Television. The son of an old mate works in the heart of it and he told me that they have a saying whenever they hit problem where the solution is not clear, “Remember; it's only a television programme,” implying that it's possible to get away with almost anything I remember watching an intrepid so-called survival expert making his way with enormous difficulty through a mangrove swamp; the viewer is not supposed to wonder how the cameraman is keeping up with him. There is usually a large crew of technical folks, together with a well-equipped field kitchen, kept well out of camera shot.

Room 101 – on telly I mean, not in the book. It's about grumbling but why, of the three people on the programme, are there always (at least) two I don't agree with.

On a serious note, I'm a great admirer of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection and it seems to follow that, if there was a natural tendency for things to get worse, then we shouldn't be here. Homo sapiens has had a huge impact on our physical environment but, by and large, there are more good folks than bad and I am, in fact, an optimist and “always look on the bright side of life”.

Re: Grumpy Old Men

D'you know Harry, I could agree with some of your points but then, I believe I am a trifle older than you so maybe have a different perspective on life.
You want to buy Easter eggs without boxes and all their paraphernalia, go to Aldi. They have some beauties,big ones, without boxes and cheaper than in other places.

Now, newspapers. Now there you have hit a nerve. You say you no longer purchase daily newspapers but rely on the internet for your news. That is naughty of you. Daily newspapers are already suffering from a decrease in advertising revenue and far too many local newspapers have already closed down. I used to work in the newspaper industry selling machinery from the Anglo-American company Linotype and Machinery to them. Printing presses, composing machines, and all the rest of it. By not buying a printed newspaper - which can always go to the recycle bin after having been read - you are indirectly helping to put out of work the people from that industry. I still have my daily paper delivered every morning by a young lad (to whom I gave a very nice tip this week for having delivered my paper through all the bad weather we have had so far this year - I used to deliver morning newspapers myself when I was a young lad in the countryside of Herefordshire before going to school and there were no roads, just muddy fields). So please, reverse your preferences and go back to buying and paying for a daily journal.

TV - again a pet hate of mine is Ross Kemp who ""fearessly"" goes out to meet all kinds of dangers and we are expected to believe that he is doing it on his own?? As you say, he and who is the other guy? Bear Grylls or something? One of my ?favourite? programmes is Question Time on a Thursday night at 2230 hours. and the people they have on that? Sometimes I even want to shout at the TV set and tell them that they are talking through their arse. And the audiences? O M G, where do they get 'em from? Plus the fact that Attenborough is now far too old to be fronting the programme. Yes, I know, his family seem to be the owners of the BBC but blimey, at his age? Yes, I know, I'm a damn sight older but I ain't on the telly any more.

Ha, Charlie Darwin and his 'Theory of Evolution'. I completely disagree with his views. I do not believe man evolved from an ape. If evolution is part of nature, why are apes not evolving into humans today? Why have humans not evolved into something else. When did evolution stop?

Yes, I agree with your last remark. I, too, believe there are more good folks than bad in the world and goodness knows I have travelled over half of it so far.

Re: Grumpy Old Men

Larry. I read with interest your views about Charles say man/woman are still not evolving ?when you look around you to day have you not noticed the very tall people the very fat people that you did not see when you were a lad ?, the athletes run faster than ever before is this not still evolving ? .I find it interesting you mention Ross Kemp I read in the paper a few years ago that Ross Kemp Phoned the Police when His Girl friend was beating Him up.PS people are living much longer.??????????

Re: Grumpy Old Men

Sorry Roland but I still hold to my opinion. IF mankind evolved from the apes surely the apes should be able to talk and converse. When I was a young lad in the 1920s there were many tall people and fat people roaming around the streets. As for athletes, they do not 'evolve', they just get fitter and quicker through a hell of a lot of practice. They tell us that birds are the descendants from the dinosaurs. and that covers a million or more years! So why are we not seeing some kind of evolution there. As for people living longer surely that is down to the invention of medicines and cures for illnesses that were not available in the past. Take some of the 'scientific'facts from the past that when put under the microscope are proven to be completely wrong. Nope, sorry, Darwin lived a long time ago and like a lot of the other 'educated' people wanted his name to go down in history so came up with his theory of evolution. I don't buy it. I'll give you another scientific fact to think about. They tell us that the world is a globe and is revolving at over 1000 miles per hour. So why when aircraft fly from here to Australia do the planes not arrive there upside down? Hang about, maybe they do and then they wait for the 'globe' to revolve until they are the right way up again before trying to land. So that's why they take so long to get there.. They have to wait for the revolving word to be in the right place at the right moment to land?** And the world revolves at some 1000 plus miles an hour so why do they take so long to get to Australia. If the world revolves at a high speed, why not just take off and wait for the world to revolve below them and then land? Science is a wonderful thing but how come they never get things right???????
That should give you something to think about on this Bank Holiday weekend!!!!!!