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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all – Already it looks a much nicer day than it was this time yesterday, and with any luck it will carry on like this all day. And welcome to Chapter 18!

My apologies for the missing Greetings from last Sunday. Unfortunately, I was still under the influence of the Bay of Biscay, I had intended to go to chapel and, if fact, had laid out my Sunday finery ready to get changed when I suddenly realised that I was still very wobbly around the knees, so changed my mind and stayed at home. I have done the same thing again this morning in fact! To bring you all up to date on the situation I had my tablets changed last week and I think these are having an effect – a very slow effect though!

If you will excuse me I shall have to leave you as something calls! Have a good week.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

I was beginning to worry about you! Glad to see you have communicated with us. Hope you are fighting fit very soon.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all - I must apologise for the abrupt departure last week, it was rather uncouth, to say the least! Never mind, there is a whole fresh, new week to look forward to today. But, if things don’t improve I shall apply to join Roy’s Grumpy Brigade.

Nothing of great note to dwell on for the last week. The biggest excitement was on Friday when at 12 noon our missing Repeater station was declared to be “back on the air” from its new location – which is about a mile up the hill from the bottom of our garden. It has been off the air for a couple of months when it was removed from its old position at Moel-y-Parc, near Denbigh, and taken into dry-dock for a thorough overhaul and bringing slightly more up to date. In about ten minutes the word had got out and stations were queuing up to work through it. The exact position is kept secret at the request of the owner of the site, but a good friend of mine told all and sundry over the air that there was no secret about the new position of the aerial as it was planted in the middle of Dave’s runner bean wig-wam.

I am still rocky on my feet, and my eyes are still playing up and so I have claimed another exemption from chapel parade this morning. Not much point in going at all as I have trouble reading there at the best of times, and the constant ‘stand up and sit down’ would cause chaos generally. But I have asked Sylvia to pass my apologies on to the preacher, who is our own Minister. She hasn’t been with us for long and is still finding her feet as it were.

The garden – ah! yes. The garden is looking really tidy and colourful with daffodils and tulips putting on a nice display (though the daffs are getting past their best now I can’t remember how long they have been out). Then we have clumps of flowers here and there brightening up the area. But, of course, you can’t eat flowers! So, I am glad to say that the more serious side of the garden is also astir. The gooseberries are showing off their promise of a good crop, as are the red currants and black currants. Onions have been planted up, spinach is in too. The rhubarb is showing up I am glad to say. I have been worried about the rhubarb chances this year! In the greenhouse there are all sorts of mysterious tiny green shoots appearing in seed trays, the potato bags are getting bagged up slowly, Sylvia is getting more compost ordered this week, I think she said. And the runner beans and broad beans are just waiting for their
chance to get out there and shine. I am pondering whether or not to surround the runner bean patch with barbed wire to keep out any Ham Radio enthusiasts who want to see the new aerial array for the new Repeater Station in the middle of Dave’s runner bean patch!

Monday, I have an appointment with the GP and see what he makes of my list of aches, pains and deep-sea staggering! And, even though I have a chit to cover my absence it doesn’t seem to apply to household chores, so it is time for me to move along and get a few things done – got to show willing haven’t I!! Have a good week and make the most of any summerlike weather that may come your way despite the doleful forecasts! And apologies to you Paula, but it is nice to see some one really does read this rambling diary!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Dave, I too read your Sunday postings and enjoy them greatly and am concerned when they don't appear. I hope you get an encouraging report and help from your GP. By the way I have been told that you CAN EAT FLOWERS, at least some, but I don't know which.