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Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all – Already it looks a much nicer day than it was this time yesterday, and with any luck it will carry on like this all day. And welcome to Chapter 18!

My apologies for the missing Greetings from last Sunday. Unfortunately, I was still under the influence of the Bay of Biscay, I had intended to go to chapel and, if fact, had laid out my Sunday finery ready to get changed when I suddenly realised that I was still very wobbly around the knees, so changed my mind and stayed at home. I have done the same thing again this morning in fact! To bring you all up to date on the situation I had my tablets changed last week and I think these are having an effect – a very slow effect though!

If you will excuse me I shall have to leave you as something calls! Have a good week.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

I was beginning to worry about you! Glad to see you have communicated with us. Hope you are fighting fit very soon.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all - I must apologise for the abrupt departure last week, it was rather uncouth, to say the least! Never mind, there is a whole fresh, new week to look forward to today. But, if things don’t improve I shall apply to join Roy’s Grumpy Brigade.

Nothing of great note to dwell on for the last week. The biggest excitement was on Friday when at 12 noon our missing Repeater station was declared to be “back on the air” from its new location – which is about a mile up the hill from the bottom of our garden. It has been off the air for a couple of months when it was removed from its old position at Moel-y-Parc, near Denbigh, and taken into dry-dock for a thorough overhaul and bringing slightly more up to date. In about ten minutes the word had got out and stations were queuing up to work through it. The exact position is kept secret at the request of the owner of the site, but a good friend of mine told all and sundry over the air that there was no secret about the new position of the aerial as it was planted in the middle of Dave’s runner bean wig-wam.

I am still rocky on my feet, and my eyes are still playing up and so I have claimed another exemption from chapel parade this morning. Not much point in going at all as I have trouble reading there at the best of times, and the constant ‘stand up and sit down’ would cause chaos generally. But I have asked Sylvia to pass my apologies on to the preacher, who is our own Minister. She hasn’t been with us for long and is still finding her feet as it were.

The garden – ah! yes. The garden is looking really tidy and colourful with daffodils and tulips putting on a nice display (though the daffs are getting past their best now I can’t remember how long they have been out). Then we have clumps of flowers here and there brightening up the area. But, of course, you can’t eat flowers! So, I am glad to say that the more serious side of the garden is also astir. The gooseberries are showing off their promise of a good crop, as are the red currants and black currants. Onions have been planted up, spinach is in too. The rhubarb is showing up I am glad to say. I have been worried about the rhubarb chances this year! In the greenhouse there are all sorts of mysterious tiny green shoots appearing in seed trays, the potato bags are getting bagged up slowly, Sylvia is getting more compost ordered this week, I think she said. And the runner beans and broad beans are just waiting for their
chance to get out there and shine. I am pondering whether or not to surround the runner bean patch with barbed wire to keep out any Ham Radio enthusiasts who want to see the new aerial array for the new Repeater Station in the middle of Dave’s runner bean patch!

Monday, I have an appointment with the GP and see what he makes of my list of aches, pains and deep-sea staggering! And, even though I have a chit to cover my absence it doesn’t seem to apply to household chores, so it is time for me to move along and get a few things done – got to show willing haven’t I!! Have a good week and make the most of any summerlike weather that may come your way despite the doleful forecasts! And apologies to you Paula, but it is nice to see some one really does read this rambling diary!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Dave, I too read your Sunday postings and enjoy them greatly and am concerned when they don't appear. I hope you get an encouraging report and help from your GP. By the way I have been told that you CAN EAT FLOWERS, at least some, but I don't know which.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all - Yes, I do know this is a Tuesday morning and I didn’t post a message on Sunday. But it was not my fault for a change, I duly tried to log in on the Message Board and was confronted with a strange group that were offering about 6 or 8 different card games and other ways of gambling. By the time I had finished trying this and that it was time to get myself toffed up for Chapel. And I have a certificate from our Web Master to confirm that!!! No, not that I got myself toffed up, but that I did try to get on the Message Board on Sunday morning.

It has been an odd sort of week (well two weeks really). Somewhere along the line I picked up an attach of vertigo which has been reluctant to clear up despite swallowing the tablets prescribed by the GP. It has eased off somewhat, but I have to think twice before moving fast or I end up in quite a whirl. Reminds me of my days at sea in the Bay of Biscay in a storm, and those days are long, long past.

We both have been taking full advantage of any bright days to get the garden up to scratch – well Sylvia does most of it and I supply the praise. Although I have done a spell at painting some new wood battens on the garden shed, a job I always have detested as the weather proofing stuff is thin and messy. The daffodils have more or less finished now, they seen to have been in flower since January and have been putting on a really good show. The tulips are out now, plus a lot of the bedding plants are trying to get in in the act as well. On the edible side the rhubarb is showing signs of thinking about the summer, the apple tree is showing off its pink tinted flowers, the gooseberry plot is showing signs of tiny fruits, all good mouth watering stuff.

This year I am taking over the runner bean plot, the seeds have been planted in the greenhouse and are showing signs of life, as are a lot of other seedlings, both of the edible variety and of the decorative stuff. Tomato plants have been transferred to their growing pots as well.

Which reminds me – Derek Lance thanks for your message, and I note your remarks about eating flowers, but quite honestly about the only ones I eat are cauliflowers! Despite seeing flowers being used in all sorts of ways in programs such as Master Chef on TV, I have not been convinced! We do grow our own herbs - mint, bay leaves, basil and coriander mainly.

Well I must get a move on and get some other outstanding bits and bobs cleared off this desk (the expression ‘bits and bobs’ has always fascinated me for some reason or other). Never mind, have a nice day even if the forecast says that up here we are in for 24 hours of rain showers! Cheerio.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

D'you know Dave, your courage in facing up to your difficulties with your health merits a congratulation. Even at my advanced age, I seem to be getting pains where I shouldn't. Yesterday I had to attend the urology clinic in our local hospital. There I was examined ( (and wow, what examinations I underwent) by a jolly doctor. The examination went off perfectly as far as I am concerned and there are no problems in the prostate area, thank heavens. I asked him where he came from and he said Egypt. Where in Egypt I enquired? Alexandra came the reply. Oh I know Alexandra, I replied, I used to visit the Coca-Cola plant there and also the Brewery in Cairo. Came the reply that the Coca-Cola plant I used to visit in Alexandra has now been transferred to one of the suburbs and where that plant had been there is now a very modern shopping mall and park. I wonder if the Brewery in Cairo is still functioning as well as the Coke plant in Cairo as well. It's amazing the people one meets in hospitals these days. The other week a doctor I saw in the hospital told me he came from Iran and Tehran. So we had a chat about the times I spent out there.
WE also have a doctor in my local surgery who comes from Cyprus and a doctoress from Pakistan.
Whatever happened to our national BRITISH Health service? So when I see the doc from Cyprus I greet him with Kalimera or Kalispera depending on the part of day and when I see the lady doc from Pakistan I greet her with Salaam Alaykum and as I leave her office she gives me the greeting Wa alaykum es salaam. Also nice to have been able to pick up certain foreign word phrases during my life as an Export Sales Manager and still remember them. All part of life's great mosaic!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all - Well, it was a much nicer morning here at 6am than it is now. We both woke up to the blackbirds’ chorus with a backing group of sparrows. Unfortunately, the seagulls then decided to hold their own concert. The sun was also shining away into our bedroom, and as an extra bonus it managed to give an extra shine by using the shed window to bend even more light into the bedroom. You cannot complain about that sort of service! Now we have turned cloudy. Ah well!

Thank you for your kind words Larry, your local surgery must be a veritable United Nations! No doubt it all adds interest to a consultation, and to the treatment prescribed too, perhaps???

The garden is really starting to look productive, all very heartening after the weather ups and down we have been coping with. Sylvia gave the lawns another trim yesterday, and they look all the better for it. I think she must have a lighter touch than do with a mower, and it brings the best out of the both lawns. Not exactly bowling green standard, but then neither of us ever play bowls – porridge bowls are more in our line! The rather drastic treatment she used on the rhubarb early in the year seems to be bearing fruit now (if you will pardon the pun). She keeps reminding me that the runner beans are now getting very close to planting out time and I should be thinking about looking out my gardening gear. I made a rash promise that I would take over the runner bean plot this year to ease me back into the joys of ‘hands on’ gardening – always with the get out clause ‘if my back is willing’! I am looking forward to it really as I do enjoy gardening, especially the tea breaks in the greenhouse, pinching a couple of tomatoes off the vines when Head Gardner is missing!

The clock tells me it is now time to finish off on here and to get ready for Chapel parade. With a little luck we will have a nice walk there and back for a change. Mind how you go now and do have a good week though the weather pundits seem to be agreeing that it is going to get wet and windy again. Ugh!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all – and what a lovely morning it is too! Sun shining, sky blue, birds singing, and all the flowers etc out in the garden trying to look their best. Has Summer really arrived at long last?

The week just ended has been a rather quiet one, not that I am complaining about that; heaven forbid, I am all in favour of quiet weeks. I have spent some time working on my Tablet, and ironing out one or two little snags that showed up after the test run last week. I think, and hope, that it is going to run smoothly at the meeting on Wednesday! I feel a little like Moses when he was trying to sort out his Tablets up there in the mountains; mind you his were a slightly different thing, all being made of stone!

On the garden front things are progressing rather well (fingers crossed). All Sylvia’s hard work these last few weeks are showing results in the display. It will not be long now before I shall have to dig out my gardening gear and take over the runner beans plot, as I rashly promised last year. There will also be room there for some other vegetables too, I am not sure yet what they will be. I may have a go at leeks, we shall see.

I hope this fine weather stays with us all for the week, make the most of it just in case! And it is now time that I buzzed off myself and started to get myself organised with the usual Sunday morning tasks and then get dressed and sorted ready for Chapel. A happy Bank Holiday to you all.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

You know, Dave, that comment of yours about having to work on your tablet for some reason sparked off a memory of my very early school days. Don't ask me why, my brain works in the most mysterious ways these days. But I suddenly had a flashback of writing on a piece of slate with a length of chalk. Anybody else out there with memories like that?

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Chalk!!!??? You were lucky (This sounds like a Monty Python sketch) We had slates but instead of chalk we had bleedin' "pencils" only they weren't "pencils" they were hard scratchy squeaky things. When the whole class got going trying to write with the things the noise went right through you.

When I went to the "public day" school we were faced with another unpleasant, scratchy thing, a "pen" with a steel nib. Fountain pens weren't allowed till the fifth form. The janitor came round each day and topped up the inkwells in the desks from a large bottle with tubes sticking out of the cork. He mixed the ink himself and it was nasty stuff with inbuilt bits of fluff and gunge.

If you were really unlucky, when you went into Kipper's classroom ,your predecessor in that desk had put a cob of carbide in the inkwell.

Ah - the old days!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all – And it does look very much as if we are having a fine start to this week by what I can see looking out of the window here. The sun is shining out of a somewhat hazy sky, and there looks like what could be larger cloud formations wandering up out of the south. Never mind, press on regardless summer can’t be so very far away!!

May Day Monday passed along with hardly any notice being taken, as far as we were concerned, although perhaps we did appreciate a day free of the school traffic, both human and mechanical! The only note I have in my diary
is of the meeting we had on Wednesday night, and that was onlky attended by about half the usual members. It seems there was a Church ‘do’ on in the town and also another ‘meeting’, so those of us who made it had the benefit of an early close-down.

I can’t remember whether I mentioned in some of my earlier postings that the repeater unit we use for our daily morning radio net had been taken down and was being transferred to the ‘Prestatyn area’ and after a lot of badly needed TLC it would be mounted on a mast just at the back of Prestatyn in the Gwaenyscor area. Well after a long wait, with little or no information given out

As to progress, it suddenly burst into life without notice. It was soon spotted and the word sent around that GB3MP was back on air. Great excitement all around, but unfortunately it turned out that a lot of people who had used MP for many years could no longer receive it. It then had another short spell of XTLC (EXTRA Tender Loving Care) things sorted themselves out. As the transmitter is only about two miles from our garden I am extremely well served! I have visions of myself busy out in the garden with an old handset tuned to MP and gossiping while I weed! I don’t know what our Head Gardener may have to say about that!

This variable weather is playing havoc with the apple tree blossoms, the lawn has a carpet of freshly blown pink apple blossoms, which looks very pretty but does not bode too well with the apple harvest later on. Our freshly sown spinach has finally taken root and can be seen clearly now, until recently you couldn’t really tell which was weeds and which was the spinach. I have now been officially notified that the runner beans are now ready for planting out, I think I might have mentioned earlier on, that this year I have volunteered to take over the runner bean bed, and whatever else is to be planted in that plot,
and see how my back copes with the work – pathetic isn’t it!!!

To-day we are entertaining a couple of old friends from chapel to lunch. They are both widowers now, and like to come along and gossip over old times and so on, and both are very good company indeed. As an added bonus they are both very good trencher-men and appreciate their food, nothing faddy about them at all. Which reminds me that I must close down here and get on with some household chores. Have a good week (I have lost track of what the Weather Boffins have been threatening us with).

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good morning all - And yet another sunny Sunday morning, it is starting to look as if the summer really is here (very nearly). A pity the weather forecasting bods insist on dropping the odd ‘frost in places’ into their scripts

The garden is really taking off now. The runner beans are in their wig-wam looking quite happy, to keep them company they have a bed of spinach which also looks in good form. And I believe we are having rhubarb crumble for lunch picked from the garden at any time now – how fresh can it get!

Our lunch last Sunday included two old widower friends, and a three hour gossip session to follow. You can’t ask for very much else for a quiet week-end! Of course, it was spoilt slightly by the washing up after they had both gone home! Talking of the washing up, I am glad I wasn’t expected to help with this weekend’s washing up down there in Windsor! The rest of the week was a quiet, peaceful one with the weather behaving itself, and the grass quietly growing greener.

I shall have to close now as I am running slightly behind schedule, and I am breaking out my summer suit to celebrate the warmer weather. Then it will be time to toddle off to chapel. Have a good week every body.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 18.

Good Morning all - A nice start to the morning here, but by 2pm we are due for rain, and then at 3pm. it is our turn to have thunderstorms. Charming.

Despite this being a Bank Holiday, living up here at the top of the town, we do not see much of the excitement unless we venture down into the shopping areas or the market place. All definitely ‘no go areas’ as far as I am concerned.

My only excitement this week seems to be the visit to the surgery for my routine blood check, and as the surgery now has the ‘modern’ set up of using a single pin prick on the finger that seems to lack the ‘urgency’ of the good old-fashioned little bottle-full from the arm. It also does away with the winter problem of trying to decide the easiest mode of dress to allow a quick access to the arm without having to disrobe!

The garden has settled down too, most of the produce that has been planted out in the appropriate ‘beds’ have settled in and look as if they are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and also the rain. Although I have now got the watering system laid out so that saves too much heavy watering can duties.
The runner beans have sussed out which is the right way to grow up the canes; there is usually one or two plants that seem to start coiling the wrong way around and must be shown the error of their ways.

I am glad to be able to report that our VHF Repeater station has now been removed from its old position up in the hills on the Denbigh site and has been settled in on the hillside above Prestatyn. Being only about two miles from our garden on top of the hill at Gwaenyscor I find reception is much better. There has been a little loss of members to our daily morning chat sessions as they can no longer access the repeater from their home, but that is off-set by quite a large number of people who find they can access the repeater for the first time. Swings and roundabouts there.

Well, it is time I moved along and started to get ready for chapel. If the local weather forecast is accurate we should have sunny spells to walk there and back, with the rain kicking in after we have had our dinner. But can we trust the forecast I wonder! Never mind – enjoy the Bank Holiday. I wonder if there will still be Bank Holidays when all the Banks have closed their branch offices and retired to internet only working! Make the most of them, just in case!!