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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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"Maturity" is a positive thing; we like mature cheese, mature wine and we look down on immaturity, which we equate with silliness and excessive frivolity but we see around us every day, the downsides of getting "older". We sometimes read of "elderly" drivers, and find that they are twenty years younger - so what are we?

Medical conversations can be tiresome - and not usually useful. One of our friends has suffered from a degenerative and often painful illness for years and I've always been impressed by her refusal to let it dominate her life or her conversation.

We can wallow in the effects of approaching frailties or we can do our best to cope and make the best of what we can do.

Canute proved that man can't ignore the tide; we can't ignore the passing of time - but we can accept it gracefully and as positively as we can manage.