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Unlike Harry I confess to varied feelings of grumpiness.I lie awake in my lonely bed ,disapproving of many facets of modern behaviour.Not least of which is FACEBOOK.So much so that I recently disassociated my self from it's membership.An organisation which started so well but has now devolved into a vast outfit which will sell it's members private information to any other outfit which can afford it is not one which I wish to prosper.The young man who started this runaway goldmine does'nt even have the courage to face our Parliamentary enquiry to justify his behaviour.No thank you.I'm happy to give vent to more grumps if encouraged.

Re: grumpiness

No Roy; I can't agree. In my view it doesn't count as grumpiness if it's right - and you are right. Where you possibly went wrong in the first place was in having anything to do with "social media" - but then I think most of us had a look in the early days to see what the fuss was about.

I'm impressed that you say you're going to resign; I've found that difficult. The rugby club has a "twitter feed" - at least I think that's what it's called - and when I tried to tune in I was told that my account had been suspended It seems I've been naughty in some way; I don't know how; I try to behave myself but clearly I have crossed some line I know nothing of. Anyhow, when I saw that I thought, "Right, monkey, I'll show you how much I care; I'll leave; that'll show 'em". but, although I've got to the right page to do it, I haven't been able to walk off into the sunset with a nonchalant air.

That's not being grumpy though; that's righteous indignation.

Re: grumpiness

Harry and Roy. Have you found when you go on line to make a complaint it puts you on the correct page you fill in your complaint then it will not let you send ???? PS or the one you have to down load a form fill it in and send it by post.

Re: grumpiness

What is this thing called Facebook you are all talking about and running scared from? I have never been on it nor Utube nor twitter nor Blog. I admit that I have occasionally received e-mails from friends sending me extracts from Facebook but I have never joined. The only things I have joined has been to latch onto the Il Piccolo web-site, have a look at the web-cams around the world from and Skype and oh of course, our own Association web-site. There was a forum from Sky which I contributed to but even that seems to have vanished from my ken. So I don't have to unsubscribe from anything. Ooops, something has stirred back in the dark depths of what I call my memory. Linked In. I do recall a long time ago putting my name down on that and just lately have been getting e-mails saying someone has asked for my particulars on Linked In. I don't reply not having any further interest.