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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Grump Pt3

Gold Coast they persist in regarding rifle shooting as a sport?Are snipers sportsmen?Will the Israeli sharpshooters be rewarded with gold medals for every Palestinian shot? Bows and arrows are at least harmless,but if bycicle racing is a sporting activity,why not include horse racing?Pt 4 to follow.

Re: Grump Pt3

Bows and arrows harmless? Roy, I seem to recall from my days at school having to read about how twas the 'long-bow' that won us quite a few wars. Absoballylutely dangerous. And best of all tis silent. Useful too, as some bloke realised when he wanted to split an apple in half from himself and his son. Sniping? Your comment about the Israelis and Palestinians. Surely a rifle bullet to take out a terrorist is better than a terrorists rocket launched into a kibbutz where it does not discriminate between young and old, male or female. And having spent twelve months over there, just up the road from Gaza, in 1947, and seeing what can happen twixt those two nations, one could wish that they had been using bow and arrows. So mayhap tis good idea to classify rifle shooting as a sport although from what has been happening in the US of A just this year?????????????????????

Re: Grump Pt3

Morning Roy - Larry just beat me to it with the reminder about how much havoc and chaos the Welsh Long Bow division caused in various conflicts - and if all those Cowboy and Indian films were accurate, the Indian bow was a fairly lethal piece of weaponry.