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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The liner REX

A few years ago there was a lengthy correspondence in this forum about the wrecks seen in the bay by early BETFOR arrivals. One of the wrecks was that of the Rex, most famous of Italian liners. It was sunk by a British plane, possibly by rocket fire.
Il Piccolo carries tis photo:

There is to be a concert of swing music, to be reminiscent of the music played in the liner's ballroom.

Re: The liner REX

Yes, there were three vessels lying alongside one another on the beach at Zaule. I saw them in 1946. However, I believe there was a story that appeared in the Italian papers that the liner Rex was NOT one of them. The story had it that the Rex had been sunk much further down the coast below Pola and Fiume.

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