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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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"It doesn't seem all that long ago that were there." Time flies. It's surely not all that long ago since...... All these thoughts must be fairly common.

Yet the reality is there. We don't go out jogging because.....we don't feel like it or is it really that we can't.

Stephen Hawking's best known book was on a "Brief History of Time". It may be best not to try to grapple with the idea but here's a salutary way in which we can jog our memories: In the thick blue bar just below the top picture is a white space; enter a name, anyone who used to post, preferably going back about 10 yearsand click "search". You'll see their posts as they were. Please try it.

Re: TIME........?????

Time did not fly back all the far, Harry. Only got back to February 2018. So why did you say
"preferably going back about 10 years ago?"

Re: TIME........?????

I went back to 2012 when there was a lively item all about a new member. Mr Magoo, he of the very poor vision was mentioned as were several others. Reginald Bunthorne was also mentioned at that period. My key word was Colin Russell.
Who will win the Cup ?

Re: TIME........?????

Well, Larry, I did say time was very deceptive. The farthest back I've got is to April 2009. Type in "Birdsong" and that will get you there. . I was thinking back to Reginald kicking this forum off to get away from the pestilential "interim" policed" by .......... who thought any four letter word was a "profanity". Let's thank Roy for his valiant efforts at that time; the Association would have died but for him and the stalwarts like Colin, Geoff, Terry, Fred and a raft of others.

There must have been some earlier postings but I haven't found them.

Re: TIME........?????

Just think; there are specific days and happenings from our time in Italy that we can remember in some detail- the Landrover, crowded on the way to a rugby match, the bus stopping to put chains on the tyres on the way to Ravascletto, sitting at my desk in Ops room, with an Italian dictionary the size of a family bible on my left - but others...perhaps they've been airbrushed because they were embarrassing or humiliating that can't apply to wondering where G2/GSi was but.....

Only a few days ago (it seems) we were wondering whether the green we could see on the hedgerows was the first signs of new Spring buds - or just moss and now they're in full leaf and, in a relatively short time, it will be Mid-Summer's Day; the days will be getting shorter.

Re: TIME........?????

Primo Maggio........ my first day 66 years ago when I was out "observing" large-scale demonstrations in Trieste. I can remember vividly coming across a "manifestazzione" comprising largely pro-fascist MSI youths all yelling and carrying banners - but, apart from the row they were making, they were peaceable and clearly enjoying themselves. I can remember too my first report, written according to the accepted practice, in "militarese". It went through without comment; I assumed that was because there was nothing of interest in it.

That was to change later, when I'd got my feet more firmly under the table and I came across a story which seemed to me to have a great human interest.