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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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When I logged on earlier I was met by a betting firm's advert. Some people enter the message forum via the website. I'm getting Bravenet to put it all right. There's a small notice saying that it expired on 20th April. This is not so. It is "recurred" automatically on 23rd. Please don't click on it in case we've been hacked.

Re: Domain

I've had a number of emails from people unable to get to the message board. Bravenet are putting it right.

Re: Domain

Bravenet say it will come back when the "recurrence" "recurs" but it is the 23rd and its still an advert for a bookie. I'll give them a few hours because their clocks don't work on GMT. My apologies to those who have been shut out; I have replied to all the emails on the matter.

Re: Domain

In the end I paid the fee manually but still it was U/s. Finally it's back now and the "recurring" date has been brought forward, the whole idea being to make it seamless!!!

Dave's Welsh saga will continue, he tells me. We're pleased about that. It seems he sat down to enter Sunday's episode but he was met by the bookie's advert - not right for a chapel-going man to be frequenting such sites.