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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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This artist has fascinated me for years.I have a large book full of much of his work.What a fantastic imagination

Re: M.Escher

Sorry, but art, as it is called, does nothing for me. I've never been to an art gallery in all my life.

Re: M.a

Larry.Youare a self confessed Philistine.

Re: M.a

Roy, I've never been anywhere near to the Phillipines in my life! Mind you, I have no objection to anybody wishing to smarm coloured liquid or oil on paper, canvas, board, etc, so long as I don't have to go and look at them. Whatever turned them on in the first place.

Re: M.a

I do wish there was a consensus of opinion about what the word "art" means - because that would entail a disciplined, study of useful criteria to be used in deciding what art is and what it isn't. I shared Larry's opinion about it when I visited an arts centre where, in one rom, there was a rusty mini hoisted up high in the middle and from it long twisted strings of bin bags reaching down to the floor.

For a very short time I acted as a judge for a local art club exhibition. I resigned when it was clear that the weight of opinion was formed by the local "art college" lecturers who insisted on the relativist view that it was just a matter of individual opinion. So the winners were those whose "saw the essence and explored the interface" of blah, blah......" and combined oil paint and dog turds imaginatively.

Any idea that the words "art" and "skill" were linked was scorned.