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Premium Bonds.

I never, until this evening, realised how very,very difficult it is nowadays to buy Premium Bonds. I had a windfall this month and as I have a few quid now in my bank, I thought I would buy some more Premium Bonds. I have a standing order with my bank to purchase £50 worth of Premium Bonds every month. No problem. So tonight, feeling a bit flush, I thought I would go on the NS&I website and purchase some more. You have got to be joking. I accessed the NS&I website, entered my reference number, and then up comes a window that says I am not registered and will have to get a new password. Or phone the number given below. I phoned the number given below and actually get a male voice answering my call. He told me that because of my bad?? credit rating I could not now purchase a bond over the internet. Apparently I have debts registered with Hitachi, and god know how many others. In the end he said he would send me a form to fill in and send back so that I can get a new password. Apparently a password, if it is not used within 45 days is automatically deleted. I'll have to have a look at Experian and see what the hell has been going on. Apparently there are debits going back to 2003 which have never been cleared! Somebody seems to have it in for me.