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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Strange that so far this year there has been hardly any mention as to what signification 8 May holds. Well, on the night of 7 May I was in a convalescent depot in Hasselt in Belgium. Finally, the war was over. We were given permission by the CO of the convalescent depot to go to town and have a few bevvies but not to overdo it. I got back to the Depot at about just after midnight and as it was a warm night I threw open the window of my bedroom and from across the square came the most beautiful sound one could have ever wished for. Two nightingales serenading one another in the trees at the end of the square. Out of this world and after six b....y awful years peace had finally broken out and there was this heavenly sound of nightingales to celebrate it. And I suppose that because now the Germans rule over the Brussels commission they no longer celebrate it on the continent. I always remember that there was never a race in Europe called Nazi.