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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The North Staffs

Six photographs have been uploaded to the web-site and I've put them in the North staffs album there are two hand-written notes but no other details. I'm always glad to add photos to their appropriate albums. It would be helpful to have some background information such as names and places.

I'd appreciate an email too so that photos can be put into a "public" album.

Re: The North Staffs

I have an abiding memory of going to a concert given by the North Staffs band at the AKC. The concert in itself was excellent, beautiful music, well played. What sticks in my mind most of all was the reaction of some of the locals; they were in tears, clearly moved by the music.

Re: The North Staffs

Harry. When I try to view the photographs I go on to a B T site which said the Staffordshire sites are not available ?.Regards Roland

Re: The North Staffs

Good morning Roland; I know nothing about BT sites but to get to the Association's photo albums, copy and paste the following which will take you to the North Staffs album:

Alternatively go to our home page and click on the Photo Albums link. Let me know if there's a problem.