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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Trieste at midnight.

I've just finished taking a look at Piazza Unita` and Piazza della Borsa on the webcams set up there. In Piazza della Borsa there seems to be an exhibition of automobiles and red carpets are laid along the square. What is amazing is that there are crowds of people walking up and down and round and round at 2400 hours. A cafe over by the side of the Board of Commerce building seems to be doing a roaring trade. The temperature in town is 19 degrees C and the sky is serene. Seems as though the summer season has started and is setting in well. Come the end of this month, 29 June to be exact, and I hope also to be taking a walk around that area at the same time as I have been looking at it tonight.

Re: Trieste at midnight.

In the daylight the red carpets are occupied by "classic" cars; there are others in P. Unita: