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Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good morning all and welcome to Chapter 19 of these meanderings. The month of June seems an appropriate date to start a fresh chapter; I really should have done it in May. Never mind, you won’t have to trawl through yards of old stuff to get to the latest weekly edition.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are billeted, but here it is opening the day with a nice sunrise that promises a nice day to follow. Fingers crossed!

The big event of the week just gone was the Video player packed its hand in and had to be reported to the Insurance company. They arranged for a courier to call and collect it, and he would supply us with the appropriate address label. He turned up as arranged but without an address label, apparently that would be fixed in his depot. It must have gone to plan because we had a letter yesterday from the insurance office with the news that our machine was beyond repairing, and that they would fork out £230 towards a new machine. I shall have to get in touch with them tomorrow and clear that up. We shall then have to have a round table discussion between the two of us and sort out what we want to do in the way of a replacement. As our TV has also reached, if not past, retirement age it seems only sensible to replace that as well. Then, of course, our aerial installation is also of a similar age so that will need to be overhauled (replaced!). Life does get exciting at times!

The garden is coming along nicely, that includes the denizens of the greenhouse as well. A good job I got around to replacing the broken window pane in there a couple of weeks ago! Outside the runner beans are making steady progress up their canes - I am thinking a running a book on which plant will reach the top first. The broad beans are setting nicely too. Just as well, as we ate the very last of the 2017 harvest a few days ago, and very tasty they were even after a long spell in the freezer. The spinach bed looks extremely healthy at the moment, and haven’t been discovered by slugs etc. yet, something warns me that perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that!

For the past few weeks we have been enjoying the blackbirds Garden Concerts. They call in at the garden in the early morning to remind everyone that there will be their usual daily performances and appear to be passing on bits and pieces of gossip they have picked up on their way around the area. Their evening performances end about 9 pm when they get together in the trees and you can hear them having a good old chin-wag with their mates. And yesterday afternoon the crows and seagulls gave their version of a Red Arrow’s Display of aerial combat – a rather noisy couple of hours!

Time to get on with the mornings chores, including getting dressed up for chapel. It looks as if we shall have a nice sunny stroll down there this morning. Have a good week all.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good morning all - Another very pleasant start to the week up here, I haven’t got around to checking with the local weather forecast to see if it will last the day out or not, in fact, I think I shall leave that to sort itself out.

We have made no move on the new TV front yet, nor done anything towards getting a new video recorder. We are rather enjoying our evenings at the moment watching very little TV, apart from the news, and catching up on our reading.

The weather has been just the job for gardening, although even Sylvia has been finding it a bit too much out in the garden in the sun and has opted for doing what she can under cover in the shed or garage at times. The garden itself is lapping it up as long as it is kept well watered.

Our local blackbirds are also enjoying life. They seem to start chatting early on, then after having had a good old gossip they take up their posts in their favourite trees and start the days song recital and news service. I am convinced they can gossip better than some of the ladies around here! If you listen carefully you can very nearly understand what they are on about! In fact they put Facebook and suchlike to shame.

Just as I thought my vertigo had departed it came back to pester me, so I have had to break out the pill box again. Hopefully it will clear up quickly and take the hint that it is not very welcome here! Incidentally, the vertigo is the reason that I am sitting here at home instead of getting ready for chapel.

Unfortunately that doesn’t leave me at a free end to twiddle my thumbs until Sylvia get back from chapel as I have some jobs delegated to me – not too strenuous I am glad to say. The weather is about to break THEY say, so do make the most of it while we have it! Cheerio until next Sunday -

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good Afternoon all - that makes a difference to my usual morning salutation. Apologies for the missing Sunday episode last Sunday, unfortunately I was silly enough to fall in the garden at home and an expedition to the local A&E depot confirmed I had broken some ribs on the LH side of my back. That diagnosis was confirmed by the doctor who was quite happy to go on to make the usual comments that there is nothing they can do apart from issue pain-killers, if required!So I ended up at the back end of the day travelling home in a taxi. A return to A&E a couple of days later earned me a further box of pain-killers now I had a box of Co-Codamol and a box of Ibuprofen tablets. I'll tell you the tales about what the effects of taking these sweeties had on me another time.

Just to keep me on the go I had a full mutiny of the computers here, it was started off with the seond Windows Update this month. Pooir old Sylia here has been going up the wall in grand style! Must go now, I hope you are enjoying the nice summer sunshine? I don't think I shall be making regular postings for a bit!!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

It's so good to hear from you, Dave. We always look forward to reading your effusions. Sorry to hear about your fall; that's something, I think, that many of us can sympathise with. I sometimes try to convince myself that I can still do somethings that I used to do without difficulty and one such ill-fated attempt was only a few weeks ago when I fell trying to get rid of some weeds, tried to get up but fell again, this time managing to land on my head on something hard which caused a huge gush of gore. Pride and stupidity led to my lying there for a while until I managed to pull myself nearly upright using the lower branches of a tree. I too have a largish box of Cocodomol but.....

One day I actually managed to get back on my bike, believing that the sense of balance that's involved is different from the one used in trying to walk. I managed to get to the end of the road - but it's a short cul de sac - turned and rode back about 15 metres ((metric eh?) and got off by getting close to the wall of the house - but common sense tells me not to try again.

Please don't take it amiss if I get some comfort in finding I'm not the only stubborn old...…..

We'll trust you to come back to "Greetings etc " when you can.

All the best old friend.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Dave I am glad you are back on line .I do think you went a bit over the top just to get out of tending your beans ?.get well and look after your self.Kind regards. Roland

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good morning all - First off, thank you to those who left complaints of no Sunday Sermons, and those who telephoned on the same subject!! My apologies all round, but I have been feeling rotten and tired of late, plus rather guilty leaving Sylvia to cope with even more of the gardening than usual. Mind you, she did get her own back - she stumbled and twisted something in her left arm. She went to the Physio who said she hadn't broken anything and gave her some exercises to do and some painkillers. It's a cruel, cruel world friends!
The main thing is we are both slowly recovering, and haven't lost out appetites!

The garden moves on regardless, the runner beans are now in full production, Sylvia reports we have enough giant sized marrows already for this years chutney (which considering they were planted as courgettes best picked at 4" to 6" in size). The various currants are ready, as are the gooseberries. In fact herself has been picking and freezing them fr the winter. We have a good crop of apples by the looks of the tree, but how many will be reaching maturity is still a mystery - but we always hope! We are now eating our own potatoes, runner beans, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes and garden mint, must not forget the mint! If we went in for keeping hens we could be very nearly self-sufficient!! Mind you, I am rather fond of a steak for Sunday lunch and I can't see me being able to convince Sylvia she would be a jolly good cowgirl! I have even waxed lyrical over the prospect of having our own fresh manure for her potato sacks - I don't think I'll tell you what she said to that!

How time flies - as I must do now (fly that is). Enjoy the warm weather (if you can) and keep yourselves safe - there is a lot of it about!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

And a very good evening to you all! Makes a bit of a change from my usual Sunday morning salutation if nothing else. Now what has been happening up here in Prestatyn since my last posting. If I am to be truthful the answer is “Not a lot”, but then I have always tried to stretch the stark truth out a little.

So then, well I am certainly feeling a lot better generally myself and Sylvia’s arm has eased off as well and we have decided to haul down the Red Cross flag outside the front door and put up a sign with Visiting Hours. We may even get a visitor this week with luck!

The garden is struggling to deal with the changes in the weather from day to day, and Sylvia is doing her best with the watering problems. From the runner beans, spinach, and potatoes we have been enjoying of late she is a winner! This past week she has been brewing up our annual chutney as our courgettes have well past the time they should have been eaten and have ended up as larger size tasty marrows. We are still picking and eating the courgettes as 6” fruits as well.

The down side is that by 8 pm. we are both ready to give up and are bathed and ready for bed by 9pm.

Time I was reporting back to the lounge now for the Welsh news, it will probably be all about 'Geraint the Yellow Jersey' over there in Paris, and all the very best to him. And the same to you all out there. I bet Harry is quite jealous of him!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

It's great to see the Prestatyn presses are rolling again and we can look forward to our regular doses.

I've had my eye on Geraint since the off; he seems to be a pleasant and modest young man.

I was whisked along the road not far from you last Friday. My wife and daughter went to the flower show and my son, who's over from Tasmania for a while suggested a ride (by car, not bike) to our old stamping grounds in Anglesey. Apart from seeing a strange boat on my old mooring in the Straits, which roused a little resentment - why do people insist on altering things? - it was very pleasant.

Anyhow welcome Dave.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good morning all – And it is indeed a ‘good morning’ as I look out of my ‘office’ window. Unfortunately, as I think I have mentioned before, the view is restricted to the side of our neighbours’ roof and his bungalow’s brick wall. Not really a heart-warming sight, but better than some I have seen.

The week has been a moderately busy one, GreenThumb Lawn Servicing paid us a visit on the Tuesday to do the ‘Red Thread’ spray; Thursday brought along the warfarin blood test; and Friday the British Gas fitter called to fit the filter to the central heating system. Such little things as these all help to give us an interest in life! This week I have an appointment with our doctor at 10am, so that won’t take up much of the day, but it looks as if I shall have to get a taxi there and back, my back and legs have been giving me gyp in good time to say they are ‘not on’. I can’t say I blame them either! Actually, the damage to the ribs etc. haven’t given me too much bother, and they seem to be happy enough left to heir own devices. I am hoping to-morrow’s session with the doctor will throw light on a few things!

Despite the lack of rain the runner beans, courgettes, marrows and tomatoes and the last of the potato bags are still producing. The apple tree is still heavy laden and the wind usually leaves us with a few ‘wind falls’ first thing in the morning. Sylvia collects them up, brings them in and sorts out any worth keeping. I think she has finished the chutney brewing now, unless she gets a lot of pears from friends.

Well folks, it is getting on and I have been volunteered to get the kitchen ready for lunch as Sylvia is off to chapel, and sermons tend to sharpen the appetite somewhat! Look after yourselves, and keep on drinking (WATER) in the hot weather!

Harry I hope you enjoyed your trip to Anglesey - shame on them not keeping your berth ready and awaiting your return!!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

I can't tell you how good it is to see your "Greetings …… " again.

Paid another visit to Anglesey on Monday - but we were just passing through. "How could that be?" I hear you cry; "you'd get very wet." - But we were meeting the Irish Sea Ferries' "Swift", which meant an early doors start. It isn't on these days to do Irish jokes but - we could have stayed in bed for two more hours. We did get a nice apology from the captain however.

We were whisked this time by my daughter because the whole idea was a family gathering in Co. Laoise where my other son lives. We had a wonderful time amongst wonderful people - and in Kilkenny we had gentle "soft" drizzle; it was lovely.

And, just to prove that the Irish have a keen sense humour, at the hotel they put us in Room 101.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Greetngs All: I started this post over half an hour ago and was doing quite well when, suddenly, the screen closed down and the computer switched itself off! At the time I was telling you about how one night I was lying in bed in the early hours of the morning musing on the pros and cons of a 'bad memory'. It took me until now to accept the fact that computors also have dodgy memories. It also reminded me why it was some time ago I swore that I would NEVER EVER type a posting straight onto the web page, but use a blank A4 size sheet and transfer the piece via the REPLY section.

Unfortunately it also rubbed in the fact that having a poor memory can be a pain in the neck. As I can't really remember what the whole thing was leading up to, and the time I had kept for this posting ran outcome time ago I will have to sign off before I find that I have forgotten how to do that! (Stop laughing that man at the back!!!).

Better luck next time then.. .. .. .. . .TTFN.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Dave, does your computer programme not have an automatic "Save to draft" when you are typing? If not, go to 'Settings' and put it on. Then whatever you are typing will automatically be saved as a draft and you will be able to catch up with that. I am also supposing you are using Windows 10 on your machine not some other operating system. But in any case, indifferent to what system you are using it should be possible to get that very useful 'Save to Draft' item into your programme. Then, if you suddenly lose what you were typing, you just go to 'Drafts', click on that and voila, you are back to where you lost it and can then carry on typing in the 'Draft'
and also send your message from 'Draft'. Just a thought.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Ooops, sorry Dave. If you were typing your message on one of the pages of the Betfor Forum, you will not be able to use that 'Save to Draft' insert.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Dave. You think you have trouble with your computer.on Thursday I was writing a letter to the bank when I had finished it I needed to put my e mail address on it.I found that two of the keys I wanted to use refused to do anything but lower case. I needed to get the letter to the bank so I re booted my old Dell laptop which uses X P I had to find the printer disk to print. I finishe the letter and it printed it beautifully.I then set up my Sony lap top again with my second printer so I could discusse the proplem with my son after I had plugged every thing back in I thought I would just try the effending keys. I think you know what I am going to say yes the blasted keys worked as they should ????.I find windows 10 up date s are a palni in the proverbial losing programs that are installed I spent hours on Friday getting word back also freedom forge which I use to put old records on to to disk..I have come the conclusion that they hide them so you will buy a new version.I have also discovered that certain connecting cables will not be reconiced some are data only and some are power only.Still I suppose it passes the time.Have a good day every💻💻💻💻

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good morning all - But how long it will stay this way I don’t know, and let’s face it, I am not particularly bothered by it either. I will not be able to get out whatever the weather until my legs decide to come on-side and do their share of the graft.

It is a Sunday once again, but my ‘excused Boots, and no marching’ chitty had no closing date in it and I just cannot see how I could have forgotten to put that in! Must be this poor memory I have ended up with perhaps. But enough of that! Come to think of it, I wasn’t so smart with that chit – I completely forgot to include kitchen chores. I end up with getting landed with doing this that and the other, Luckily Sylvia is at home herself to-day so I get a break. Unfortunately my eyes are also complaining, and are making it awkward doing anything in the way of reading, writing or arithmetic. Looking back through the present offering so far I am doing more than my share of complaining too.

I hope you will excuse me now, and thanks for your tip Larry!


Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good afternoon all - Makes a bit of a change from the usual salutation and I imagine there are not many out there who really bother about when it was written.

Slow, is the best way of describing progress, and for those of you who like to have a little more accuracy in your reporting you can always insert 'expletive' in front of the 'slow'. But one should always bear in mind that Harry may take exception to it, and take stringent action after consulting our Editor and the Rules of Conduct. Just think, you could even be lucky enough to take a leading part in the proceedings - fame at last!

I took part in a few 'Loggings' (yes THAT IS LOGGINGS AND NOT FLOGGINGS) during my Merchant Navy days. Sometimes as Clerk to the Court, or Masters Writer. But, more often than not, as VICTIMS FRIEND. These jollies were only held on ships with a African, Chinese, Philipino, or Indonesian crew and where the standard of English spoken by the crew members was basic. It was a slightly different situation on a Chinese crewed ship who were Blue Funnel Companies men and had probably served on the ship for some years. If one of them wanted to ask the Master for some favour, such as a few days leave when we were in Hong Kong as there was a problem at home. The usual way was for the crewman to approach the head of their department and then the 2nd Engineer would be asked by the Chief Engineer to see what is was all about. As I always got on well with the Chinese crew from all three departments they would come and ask me if I would go with them to speak for them. Most masters would say if he feels happier about it then OK.

Good gracious me, look at the time, 4pm and I am in charge of producing the dinner! If I do get a move on I will be up before the Household Division!

There we go then - how time flies when one is enjoying oneself!
Mind how you go then - Dave

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good Morning all - Yes, but that doesn’t mean that the sun is shining out of an azure blue sky with a golden sun shining away with vim and vigour! Fair play, we have enjoyed that sort of a start for quite a few days last week. If nothing else this sort of weather keeps the forecast laddies, (and ladies!) on their toes.

So, then, what has been happening here – It looks as if I have been absent even longer than I thought, I can’t make my mind up if it has been a month or just over. The only thing I do know is that I have been absent for far too long, and trying to find my way backwards and forwards in the bulletin brings on my vertigo, or more like it, my guilty conscience. On the health side nothing has changed very much one way or another. To condense the dull tale, I have actually come up on the screen of the various regiments which make up our ‘care in the community’, and I have received invitations to call and see their various representatives with not very much to show for it to date! Still, press on! Things suddenly looked up when Sylvia was in the Library changing her books when she saw a notice saying the ‘Talking Point’ scheme were (or was) there that day etc. and out of curiosity she popped in and was introduced to a representative of Social Services. They discussed my situation, and the long delays we were experiencing, and he made full notes and said he would pass them along to their representative who dealt with such cases. He also said he would have to speak with me so that I could confirm the facts she has given him, and that he would phone me that afternoon. He did so, and I confirmed Sylvia’s fact were accurate. 4 days later we had a reaction from the Physio division responsible.

Meanwhile, back on the ground here I am cavorting around the house with the aid of a stout walking stick, and generally keeping myself active. I find my eyes get quickly tired very quickly with close work, especially on the computer and by noon I have to pack it in. The quoted ‘4 to 6 weeks wait’ for my first operation on my cataracts given to me when I went to the Eye Hospital three months ago and it all seemed a cut and dried arrangements as they had just finished measuring the size of the new ‘window’ they would be fitting, along with some other bits of spares they would have to get ready for the operation. I have their Appointments Clerk down for a phone call on Monday!

Generally speaking then, my social life is on hold, I can only be trusted out of the front gate with a ‘responsible adult’ – which means poor old Sylvia! Bless her, who is not too good healthwise either ! Both of us are quite ready
for bed by 9pm.

Looking at the screed I have churned out here I am sure you will be thinking you are better off with having just a Christmas edition of the ‘Letter from Wales’ But I see volunteers are being sought. as I type, to start writing in to the BETFOR. Beware Brave Readers - what may you be letting loose in these pages!!!

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

So glad you came back last Sunday and waiting for tomorrow morning’s update!

I hoped it was a technology hitch, a holiday and not a medical one that kept you off the air.