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Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good morning all and welcome to Chapter 19 of these meanderings. The month of June seems an appropriate date to start a fresh chapter; I really should have done it in May. Never mind, you won’t have to trawl through yards of old stuff to get to the latest weekly edition.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are billeted, but here it is opening the day with a nice sunrise that promises a nice day to follow. Fingers crossed!

The big event of the week just gone was the Video player packed its hand in and had to be reported to the Insurance company. They arranged for a courier to call and collect it, and he would supply us with the appropriate address label. He turned up as arranged but without an address label, apparently that would be fixed in his depot. It must have gone to plan because we had a letter yesterday from the insurance office with the news that our machine was beyond repairing, and that they would fork out £230 towards a new machine. I shall have to get in touch with them tomorrow and clear that up. We shall then have to have a round table discussion between the two of us and sort out what we want to do in the way of a replacement. As our TV has also reached, if not past, retirement age it seems only sensible to replace that as well. Then, of course, our aerial installation is also of a similar age so that will need to be overhauled (replaced!). Life does get exciting at times!

The garden is coming along nicely, that includes the denizens of the greenhouse as well. A good job I got around to replacing the broken window pane in there a couple of weeks ago! Outside the runner beans are making steady progress up their canes - I am thinking a running a book on which plant will reach the top first. The broad beans are setting nicely too. Just as well, as we ate the very last of the 2017 harvest a few days ago, and very tasty they were even after a long spell in the freezer. The spinach bed looks extremely healthy at the moment, and haven’t been discovered by slugs etc. yet, something warns me that perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that!

For the past few weeks we have been enjoying the blackbirds Garden Concerts. They call in at the garden in the early morning to remind everyone that there will be their usual daily performances and appear to be passing on bits and pieces of gossip they have picked up on their way around the area. Their evening performances end about 9 pm when they get together in the trees and you can hear them having a good old chin-wag with their mates. And yesterday afternoon the crows and seagulls gave their version of a Red Arrow’s Display of aerial combat – a rather noisy couple of hours!

Time to get on with the mornings chores, including getting dressed up for chapel. It looks as if we shall have a nice sunny stroll down there this morning. Have a good week all.

Re: Greetings & Yet More Tales from Wales - Chapter 19.

Good morning all - Another very pleasant start to the week up here, I haven’t got around to checking with the local weather forecast to see if it will last the day out or not, in fact, I think I shall leave that to sort itself out.

We have made no move on the new TV front yet, nor done anything towards getting a new video recorder. We are rather enjoying our evenings at the moment watching very little TV, apart from the news, and catching up on our reading.

The weather has been just the job for gardening, although even Sylvia has been finding it a bit too much out in the garden in the sun and has opted for doing what she can under cover in the shed or garage at times. The garden itself is lapping it up as long as it is kept well watered.

Our local blackbirds are also enjoying life. They seem to start chatting early on, then after having had a good old gossip they take up their posts in their favourite trees and start the days song recital and news service. I am convinced they can gossip better than some of the ladies around here! If you listen carefully you can very nearly understand what they are on about! In fact they put Facebook and suchlike to shame.

Just as I thought my vertigo had departed it came back to pester me, so I have had to break out the pill box again. Hopefully it will clear up quickly and take the hint that it is not very welcome here! Incidentally, the vertigo is the reason that I am sitting here at home instead of getting ready for chapel.

Unfortunately that doesn’t leave me at a free end to twiddle my thumbs until Sylvia get back from chapel as I have some jobs delegated to me – not too strenuous I am glad to say. The weather is about to break THEY say, so do make the most of it while we have it! Cheerio until next Sunday -