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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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PHOTO: Trieste Celebrates.

It was on the 12th of June that the Jugoslav occupation of the city was ended and Il Piccolo records that the date was celebrated.

The account does not mention the New Zealanders, who were first of all responsible, as part of the British Eighth Army, for the liberation of the city from German occupation - and I think that is graceless and ungrateful.

It's possible that the recent elections, which have changed the political landscape, have led to a revisionist view of the history of that time.

Re: PHOTO: Trieste Celebrates.

S short footnote to your posting above Harry. A platoon of German soldiers were holed up in the Castle San Gusto and refused to surrender to the Jugoslavs saying they would only surrender
to the British Army, whilst a large number of SS troops were holding out in the Palace of Justice (some 200 or them) and they also refused to surrender but the New Zealanders brought up their light tanks and started a bombardment of the palace. That damage in the photograph was caused by their guns.

Re: PHOTO: Trieste Celebrates.

The New Zealanders approaching Trieste:

The New Zealanders parley with the Germans holed up in the Palace of Justice;