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Keyless cars danger.

A notice from the web-site of Il Piccolo of 13 June 2018.
Le auto senza chiavi hanno un pericoloso inconveniente che ha già ucciso decine di persone.
Keyless start-up cars have an inconvenient danger which has already killed 10s of persons.

Vehicles equipped with a start-up system without keys have a negative dangerous side. Every so often the drivers believe, erroneously, that their vehicles are switched off after they have been parked, with the consequence that carbon monoxide gas is diffused into their garages and then their houses.
In a research published on 13 March 2018, the New York Times paper refers that tens of persons were killed or have been poisoned by carbon monoxide gs emitted from their vehicles with keyless start-up systems, but the regulations to confront this phenomenon are still not in force.

Meanwhile, whilst the constructors of automobiles have volontarily installed alarm systems on these types of vehicles, these alarm systems do not follow a universal standard.