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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Donner und blitzen in citta`.

I have just a few minutes ago logged onto a web-cam mounted in the offices of Radio Punto Zero in Trieste which shows the activities in Piazza della Borsa and the start of the Corso d'Italia. There is a tremendous thunderstormn taking place. It's pouring with rain and the lightning is almost continuous. Log onto A and in the page that comes up click on the bottom link. The next page come up and in the right hand pane it shows a list of web-cams. Click onto Trieste Citta`and you get another list of web-cams so there click on the page for Radio Punto Zero, at the top of that page click on Live Webcam. That will eventually give you a view from the web-cam. There will appear a white solid triangle in the middle of the photo. Click on that and the scene becomes live showig the traffic and pedestrians. But at the moment I clicked on the few pedestrians were running for their lives.

Looks like I quit Trieste just in time!!!!

Re: Donner und blitzen in citta`.

Not only heavy rain apparently. On the outskirts of the town they had a bad hailstorm and afterwards the 'bora' came which caused quite a bit of damage in the countryside, especially to the vineyards and orchards. Ain't we lucky so far?!!