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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Holiday in Trieste - Part II.

We just had a very good short holiday in the city of dreams. But too many in-laws and friends to meet. Lunch every day with a different person, dinner each evening with another different person finishing with a wonderful dinner on Tuesday with a nephew-in-law at the Circolo Marina Mercantile restuarant alongside the sea in Barcola. Beautiful limpid warm evening, lots of small yachts playig around just off the end of the terrace, I had eight large 'gamberoni ai ferri' su un letto di rucola e pomodorini (large crayfish on a bed of rocket and small tomatoes), followed by a dessert of croccante with Grand Marnier. Absoballylutely delicious.
Got taken for lunch one day to a previously unkown fish restuarant. Just a small place but the food is delicious - all fish -. It is in a street that connects across from the Viale XX settembre to Via Battisti, opposite the Public gardens. (Bus No. 6 from Piazza Oberdan or Bus No. 9 from Piazza Goldoni). Name and address is : OSTERIA AI GIARDINIERI, Via Scussa, 3, Trieste 34100. Proprieter is Davide Bussani. Phone for reservations: 3249050223. (That's a cellulare number - mobile phone number). Really worth making a note and paying a visit next time anyone is in town. The ice-cream parlour in the Viale, "De Martino", is still going strong and still has the same proprietors as ever. Having read the latest posting by Dave who says he had a nasty fall, I say let's shake hands, Dave, because I, too, had a nasty fall in Trieste. Going back from the Viale to Piazza Goldoni, I tripped over a piece of raised pavement and went flat on my face. Broke my reading glasses which were in my jacket top pocket. scratch on my left knee. Luckily I was able to get a new pair of glasses from the Optician at the bottom end of the Viale. 25 Euro. Today went to Boots where I got the original glasses from and they managed to fix me up with a new set of frames. £25.00.

Re: Holiday in Trieste - Part II.

A small footnote to my posting above. I managed to purchase privately a copy of a book written by Silvano Subani, entitled "La Polizia Triestina from 1945 to 1954. The story of the 'Cerini', the local police force who wore the white helmets hence the nickname 'Cerini' (Matchsticks). It is in Italian and contains lots of stories as recounted by the 'Cerini' members themselves. Very good reading. We met the author who lives very near to the Largo Barriera. He gave a signed copy to my son Paul which is in English. Another book I managed to get hold of is also very interesting. It is a book published by the Club Veicoli Military Storici (Historical Military Vehicles Club). I've had the pleasure of doing a tour with a section of this Club around San Marino, Rimini, Riccione and places in the coutryside. This is a club whose members search out, find, repair and put back into operation all kinds of old military vehicles (where possible) and once a year go on a tour around various areas of Italy, and also visit schools to shows off these vehicles to the children so they don't forget their history. This book is a veritable mine of information just from the photographs printed therein.
Does anyone know of a similar club/organisation in the UK?