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Sorry; nearly forgot. What with Wimbledon, Barcolana and the footie in Russia- there's a lot going on but I'll start with Roy's facourite photo.

Today marks the beginning of the Tour de France. It's a flat(ish) stage and favours the sprinters , so I'm told - but Cav, from the Isle of Man hasn't been so dominant since he was injured in a crash.
There was some chat that Froome would be banned for drug misuse but "wiser" counsels prevailed; they could find themselves in a position where there would be no-one to start.

TV Highlights each day Freeview 24 at 7.00.

Re: OOPS !!

In fact the Tour is on "live" on Freeview 24 but I prefer the boiled down version at 7; the commentators can tell the "story" of the day and they're generally very informative about the chateaux etc the Tour passes.

Oops again; that clashes with "Cricket on 5" and we're playing the Indians. I hope Johnny Mack Brown is on; he used to sort 'em out on Saturdays at the Scala; I was never too keen on Gene Autrey.

Re: OOPS !!

We were playing the Indians at cricket? I've never seen a team play so badly as did those Englishmen this afternoon. We would have beaten them up on the cricket ground behind Prosecco.
Pathetic is not the word for the bowling. One of the Indian batsmen scored over one hundred runs without being bowled out. I mean, I was a fast bowler for the Betfor Sigs team and could have done better than the bowlers this pm. All that's left to do now is pray that the footballers can do better on Wednesday.

Re: OOPS !!

What are you wittering on about the Barcolana for, Harry? That's not until October.

Re: OOPS !!

I'm glad Gene Autrey wasn't playing - and there was no attempt to get the wagons in a circle. I found it strange, from my seat in the Scala, why bullets and arrows couldn't hit the chaps sheltering behind the spokes of the wheels.

Anyhow back to the Tour; after the time trial yesterday, today the stage favours the sprinters and offers Cav his first real chance.

No doubt, we'll see.

Re: OOPS !!

today is the day ! Can they make it ? All of us can recall '66 ( when we were in our prime) it says here. I have to admit that I have regard for Croatia to take the overall glory on Sunday but Southgate makes a worthy successor to Alf Ramsey. Thanks for the Wehrmach bikes Harry, the Tour is now well under way in the Vendee.