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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Liverpool Comes to Trieste

Il Piccolo reports that a concert, with free admission, is to take place in Piazza Verdi.

"Con TriesteLovesJazz i Beatles rivisitati dalla Green Orchestra
TRIESTE. "Beatles Today", i Beatles rivisti con gli occhi di oggi. Stasera alle 21 in piazza Verdi con ingresso libero TriesteLovesJazz rende omaggio al quartetto di Liverpool con la Green Orchestra... "

I've no idea why the Beatles' music could be classed as "jazz"

There is a photo of a chap playing a saxophone but he's not as pretty a picture as the white yacht so it stays and he doesn't.

Re: Liverpool Comes to Trieste

Meanwhile, 10,000 fans came from all corners to see and hear Iron Maiden on a specially built stage in Piazza Unita. Il Piccolo has been warning that the Riva would be closed because of the concert.

Destroys your faith in democracy doesn't it?

Re: Liverpool Comes to Trieste

I told you so; they'll all have a vote!

Re: Liverpool Comes to Trieste

Harry. David Bill and my self went to one of the free concerts there was a different free concert every night for seven days. The one problem was the temperature was 100 degrees all week.