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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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George Graham Simpson, North staffs regiment 22435387

My Dad did his national service in Treiste in the early 1950's. He would never talk to us about his time there and yet when we cleared my parents' house we found a number of photographs of him at Lazzeretto and a beautiful collection of postcards. On the strength of these postcards our interest was piqued and we have booked a few days in Trieste to explore more.

I wonder if anyone here remembers my dad and what sorts of things he got up to. He was a keen pianist and I can't help thinking that he was far keener on the entertainment side of his national service. If anyone can suggest things we should do and see to unpick this mysterious part of dad's life, I'd be very grateful. Additionally, if anyone has memories of my dad they would like to share, please contact me.


Re: George Graham Simpson, North staffs regiment 22435387

I hope you've had some response, by email, Caroline. You may have noticed, on the Home Page, that the is a meeting in September in Lichfield which will be attended by members of the North Staffs.

"Wednesday 12th September The Feathers Inn, 18 Beacon Street, LICHFIELD,,WS13 7BA. Contact Colin Russell 01283 790147"

Re: George Graham Simpson, North staffs regiment 22435387

Carolin. I was in B company at the same time as your father .We had a Reg Simpson with the lads from the Potteries. If it was the same one he was on the tallish side. At our next meeting in September I will ask if any one can give you more information. Regards Roland.