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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Gordon.I have read your article with great interest and have endeavored to do the same as you are suggesting.Firstly to the matter of the future I have given it a great amount of thought and it is all about finance the ever reducing income to pay for the Journal and committee members expenses. The yearly subscriptions will not be sufficient to keep the Association solvent in the coming years.Secondly the considerable deposit account you talk about is just over £4000-00 pounds and I would propose that this money is used to keep the Association afloat in the future.BETFOR LEGACY you suggest For the past two years we have been discussing the writing of a book with Dr Lorenzo Lelen, Lorenzo as provided the Association with DVD disks of photographs of every record written in Treiste and the war office records he photographed all of these records while studying for His Doctorate.I was with Lorenzo Last week we discussed the proposed book it as always been the intention that the book must appeal to a wider readership and include members stories and the reason for the BRITISH ELEMENTARY FORCE 1945to 1954 being in TRIESTE.Publishing the Association cannot afford to pay Lorenzo so the book must sell to a wider readership at present Lorenzo His writing an article for a magazine about BETFOR He hopes this will help with the book. I hope this reassures you that your Committee have not been neglectful of the Members concerns.Roland.


Roland, I could make a suggestion that we UP the cost of membership to £12 per annum. That is, after all, just £1.00 per month and we do get a Journal included in that. We could put that to the members at the next AGM. Who knows, when they are at the AGM and want to pay their subscriptions, they might proffer a ten and a five note together and say keep the change!